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  1. To give an overview, I run a pretty basic closet DIY tent setup (PVC with black/white poly film) with a single 600w full spec LED, Temps are usually 75-80, exact humidity unknown.
    Soil is FoxFarm Strawberry Fields.
    Plants are still vegging at 11 almost 12 weeks old.
    I have General Organics BioThrive Grow for nutrients (4-3-3) which is given at 1/4th strength on a feed-feed-water schedule. Cut watering down to every 4th day because some suggested they could be overwatered. Also have a CalMag supplement (2-0-0) given with the nutes same schedule. The water I use is pure distilled (pH 6.5 - 6.8 usually)

    Original symptoms were interveinal chlorosis, curling, brown spots and edges, and reddish purplish stems.
    About 3 weeks ago I went to a local hydro store and the guy said I should scope them for mites. I did find mites, although not many, and bought some Green Cleaner Pesticide/Miticide (soybean oil & sodium lauryl sulfate) and doused them with that trying to get rid of them. Not knowledgeable enough to identify which kind of mites they were.

    Could it be just mite damage? Or a combination?
    E5097E4F-382D-4B68-B8B3-29147B31428B.jpeg 735799ED-413A-4DB1-B0C5-986404EB7E26.jpeg 0783DA51-8189-46C1-BB86-B0D1ACD10D8D.jpeg 701F7766-C544-4F01-AB4F-4E176085E8EA.jpeg FFB05468-34FB-4BC1-BE46-B6CEEB0859CF.jpeg

    Also, this is most likely a male plant that I’m not terribly worried about keeping but recently showed this. Any ideas?
  2. no nutes for 3 weeks and a flush right now is good

    pour 3 times the pot volume thru the pot with air temp ph'ed water

    best at days end to drain out over night to continue in the morning

    Soil is FoxFarm Strawberry Fields. = is very hot on potup or next grow IMO

    mix in 30% perlte to dilute the Hot!

    good luck
  3. So how much water should I flush for 5 gal containers?
  4. 5 multiplied by 3. Since he said 3 times the pot size. 15 gallons
  5. Yea just double checking, seemed like a lot.

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