Need Opinions On my Baby, 3rd Week of Flowering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BiggieSnapz420, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hey, I just want some opinions does my plant look okay, its third week of flowering under 290w cfl's.

    It seems okay I am using Part A and Part B Formula nutrition and a ph water of 6. The temperature is 80 degrees f.


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  2. is that tin foil?

    other than being really stretched it looks good, no burns

    keep doing what your doing... it may not be a super yield, but it will be some of the best smoke you've ever had
  3. yeah that is tinfoil, and how much do you think the yield will be? and there are minor defencincy burns but I got nutes and fixed the PH.
  4. Way to many factors to ever predict yields before harvest. Yeah other than being a litlle stringy she will treat you good.
  5. if you get the lighting a little closer...
    and you don't totally mess up the plant and stress to hermie
    and wait as long as you can to harvest

    Ill guess 100 grams

    you really need to remove the foil...

    just get some panda film and some wood and build a simple box and get a PC fan... if the inside is reflective and your not too far into flower you could get way more yield with a small investment...

    or you could just finish it out and fix the next one

    either way PM me with how close I get...
  6. alright forsure, I will. Why is that tinfoil not good for it tho? IT stll gives it reflectiveness kind of tihng.

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