Need opinions on mini air cond. for tent.

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    Hey guys.

    I need opinions on an idea i had but first i need to explain my situation. I have a 4x4 grow tent all ready to go but im concerned about the heat during summers. The tent is in my bedroom and i dont want to use a regular 5000 btu air conditioner to cool down my rooms temperature. So i went on amazon and searched for mini air conditioners and i found some but im just wondering if it would work if i took one of these and put it in my tent? Have any of you had experience with these mini air conditioners?

    Heres an example of a mini air conditioner,aps,150&sr=8-19#customerReviews

    Heres my setup viewed from the top

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    Had trouble uploading an image but its there now.
  3. I don't know. But I do know that air conditioners will remove humidity from the air. So, make sure air not too dry.

    * Pro tip that has nothing to do with cannabis: Defogging windshield in your car will go faster with A/c on, either with heater or cool setting.
  4. Sorry about that i really had trouble figuring out how the board works. Theres a link to a mini air conditioner now , its a 3 in 1 cooler/humidifier/purifier.
  5. ah ha!..well
  6. Pro tip. The defrost runs the ac unit to remove moisture.
  7. If you weren't running ventilation that ac might work. However your ventilation will over power that small thing. The air you're drawing in needs cooled off before entering the tent.
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  8. On some cars it might, if you hear the a/c compressor kick on. None of my cars do though. I have to actually press the a/c button.
  9. Defrost runs the condensor of the ac, not the compressor. The compressor puts pressure in the refrigerant/r134a in the system and isn't needed when not running cold air. The condensor however pulls moisture out of the air even when using warm defrost.
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  10. Interesting

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