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Need opinions: moldy weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tonysmokes, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Hello fellow tokers! I'm in need of your helping in determining if my weed has developed mold. My girlfriend generously picked up a half oz and jarred it up. The next day, I was going to smoke it when I realized the weed was still pretty wet (stems were bending, not snapping). So I immediately place the jar opened to dry in a nice dark cool place. The weed has completely dried now, but my question is: does my weed look moldy? Any opinions would be appreciated!
    The weed does not smell different, and it doesn't break up any different. But mind you the wet weed was jarred for a good day and a half till I got to it.


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  2. perfectly good weed , i can't see any mold at all. Smoke it :)
  3. Looks great to me
  4. Ack.  Ya definitely not smokeable.  Send it to me, ill dispose of it for you.  :D
  5. That is some dank looking bud, send it to me for analysis i'll check it for ya :smoke:
    Mold is usually not visible, or mistaken for trichomes. The best way to determine if weed is moldy, is to acquire the taste of moldy weed. Mold will produce a damp, unpleasent taste that is not necessarily overpowering, but definitely there. The smoke will be hot, and will burn the throat. If that bud doesn't have a nice crisp taste, it is probably moldy. The best way I could describe the taste of moldy weed would be a wet, damp, burning, cobwebby taste
  7. Haha I appreciate you all! Thanks for the feedback:)
    Did you smoke some of this weed? Did it taste moldy?
  9. Nugs look Frosty

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