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  1. So I can either pay 600 $ to get insured on my moms new Volvo and be able to drive it sometimes or I can pay 1500 for my own car and be able to drive it anytime ... Now I realize how much I'll save driving the Volvo ... But having my own car would be so much easier ... Mind you it would be a shitty beater as opposed to a pimp nice new Volvo xc90
  2. I'd say get your own car if you can afford it, what are you supposed to do if you need to get to work but the car is in use? Want to go to a friends? Too bad your mom needs to use it. I'll let you take it, but I need it back by 4pm... etc.
  3. Buy your own car.
  4. Buy your own
  5. Get your own man you can get a lot of nice and cheap cars off craigslist if you look... Hondas are very reliable or you can get a ford escort for cheap too then you will be able to go anywhere when ever
  6. Get a car and insure it under your mothers name and add you ass the secondary driver. Much cheaper.
  7. Get your own car man, owning a beater is way better than driving someone else's rig.
  8. How about pay nothing and just drive your moms car? I've been driving since 16 and I still do that now. I am 24 now btw. Also, I've been in 3 car accidents in that time and insurance money was still there somehow. I don't know how insurance works but it worked out for me and my family.

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