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  1. Okay well i posted earlier about time release ferts. I was informed they were a horrible thing, So i was instructed to flush the pot which i did yesterday with 20 gallons of water for a 5 gal pot which is a a lil over just to be safe. Now all my newest growths are all light green. I added 2 more lights to the box yesterday so thats 6 x 30 watt day lights for vegging. Also added another computer fan to keep the temp the same. Well Now all the new upper growths are noticbly light neon green compared to the rest. Is this bad? what could this be?
  2. I've always thought nice, bright green leaves were a sign of good health. Any pics? From your description, it sounds like the plant is telling you you're doing the right thing, and we all know that you don't disagree with a female:p
  3. uploading now
  4. here we are, just click to enlarge



  5. They look good to me.. give it a couple of days. Maybe the flushing disturbed the plant and it's just out of whack right now.
  6. alrighty thanks.... its a month and 10 days old how long you think until i switch to 12/12? its about to flower on its own...there is white pistols growing off the internodes but its on 24hr light its weird..
  7. its time.....12/12
  8. you think so? i think its a little small....well how much more is it expected to grow during flower you think?
  9. depending on the strain, 2-3 times the height they are now by harvest time.
  10. Well its semi lst. All the branches are tied down. But a decided after i tied down the main stem twice to stop and let it go because space is limited. Its a lil over a foot talk now. I have three more feet in available height and about a foot or so in width. So i probably should switch to 12*12 within the next few days or so. What do you think
  11. go 12/12!
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    yeah, it's time. Get those girls on 12/12

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