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  1. Hi im very new to this fourm and have found it very helpful, so i decided to ask you guys for some help on picking nutrients.

    (FYI im growing auto blueberry plants by lowlife seeds in soil. They are only about a foot tall (autoflowering plants)

    Ok so basiclly im lost when it come to nutrients...iv been looking everywere and the only thing i can find is charts on fox farm and advanced nutrients. (they are both very expensive) i understand that the plants need certain types of nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus,Potassium,ect.) But what i dont get is how to determine how much of which to give at what time and what is exactly needed in the first place. (confusing i no) But can i grow just off base nutrients like grow,micro,boom or do i need a bunch of other stuff that i see people using like bud candy,Big Bud,ect. So lets say i have the right nutes, how do i no how much to give to my autoflower plants? And when? And also iv been hearing alot about how your not supposed to use nutes in the beginning because the soil already has nutes in it (To me this makes no sence since all iv seen are the charts by fox farm/advanced nutrients and it clearly said to use the nutes in the beginning)

    So im asking...please help me understand half a$$ answers!!

    BTW this is my first grow, meaning i have no prior experience. Please go easy and dont FLAME:smoke:
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  3. Base nutes alone are enough, but think of it like this: would you want to eat nothing but food that was "sufficient"? The better the nutrition, the better the development. That's not to say that more is better - too much is just as bad if not worse than too little.

    For starting out, I'd say to get base nutes and one or two additives. Big Bud and Bud Candy are good choices.

    For that I'd recommend using the 800 number AN has (if you're using AN nutes). That will get you the best answers. The simple answer is that you use the grow feeding schedule until you see the flowers start to form, and then switch to the flower feeding schedule.

    Use half strength nutes, though. Always start at half strength or so when starting with new nutes.

    Advanced Nutrients builds it's feeding schedule for hydroponics. No soil, no nutes in the soil.

    Also don't feed your seedlings nutes. Study up on how to tell when you should start feeding, and how much. The 800 number guys could answer that too, I'm sure. Small plants eat less so you feed less.

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