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Need non weed tasting edible baking recipes from butter

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Drafixo, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Hey everyone! I quite enjoy the flavor I normally get with my cookies just doing a simple sugar cookie to avoid lengthy cook times. My wife on the other hand can't eat any without having a gagging fit.

    I'm looking for any recipes that may help with this or even methods of making butter that doesn't hold onto so much weed flavor or smell.

    TIA I appreciate any help!
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  2. @BrassNwood is your man for this one dude look for his hash cap thread.. it's basically like a pill form of edibles so they'd be no taste I presume:confused_2: so your wife wouldn't have an issue with them
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  3. Actually the Kief capsules do have a flavor but it is more like a nut butter if you let them melt in your mouth. But yes swallowed they should have virtually no taste.

    A concentrate makes a good base as it's already missing much of the plant material that had most of the flavor and smell. Kief, Hash, Concentrates like wax, shatter or Rosin.

    Decarb = 240 F for 40 minutes uncovered.

    5 grams decarbed Anything.... Kief, Hash, Rosin, Powdered buds
    2.5 teaspoons Coconut oil
    1/2 teaspoon Lecithin
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes.

    Any cooking oil can be used from bacon fat to safflower oil and everything in between but Coconut oil hits fastest.
    Any lecithin can be used as they are all effective Soy, Sunflower, Liquid, granules, powder.

    The finer you can powder your weed the better it'll flow without clogging the eyedropper, Stir constantly to get an even dispersal of weed dust in each capsule.

    Since you won't know her dose make up some 1 drop capsules to find her happy zone with.
    Take 1 and wait 2 hours
    Take 2 more and wait 2 more hours.
    Take 4 more and wait 2 hours.
    Continue until she feels it.

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  4. OK so like the guys above say...while I have not tried them personally, those capsules look killer...and even if there is a taste, it's inside a pill.

    That said, if it's actual edibles you want?
    I'll make a suggestion you've probably got available to you?
    I go to Costco, and I'm assuming here in Australia it's pretty much the same product range...lots of things by Kirkland, right?

    There's this brand of brownie mix called Ghirardelli - I buy the triple chocolate ones.
    Comes in a box with like 6 trays worth of the mix in there.

    Just melt down/add the amount of butter the box advises you to. That seems to work well.

    We add some extra Kirkland brand "semi sweet" chocolate chips, and also plain cocoa.
    The last two steps are specifically aimed at reducing how much flavour you can perceive.

    In my could add either some dessicated coconut to the mix, or some of your preferred instant coffee/coffee syrup to the mix - I've found both of these things have reduced/disguised the flavour.

    I notice that there's also other types/flavours of Ghirardelli available...I've only seen the one in the shops we have here but you may want to experiment with the different variations.

    So yeah, for me I think the brownies you end up with are great and the flavour...well look it's kind of "there" but stands way off in the background.

    Yknow another thing I've done with straight up butter?
    I've added it to curries (coconut milk based ones end up amazing) and pasta dishes (both cream based and straight tomato) - you've got to be aware of how much you want to eat per person though...and then make it so the serving is appropriately sized at the same time so you can consume it all without being completely stuffed.
    I've found that savoury foods are often more complex and I've had things like say...slow cooked beef cheek...and I've not tasted it in the sauce at all.
    Just thought this is something you might want to consider as well.

    Anyways, hope you find what you're looking for.
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  5. ffffff think I'm gonna write a shopping list now....
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  6. I don't like a heavy cannabis taste and do a seven day water cure to cannabis I'm going to cook with. The flavor is much milder. If you're interested we can tell you how to do that.
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  7. My wife is like yours.
    She won't touch an edible because of taste.

    The cookies I make are mostly snickerdoodles, because the cinnamon masks the weed taste very well.
    I taste no herb when eating a 10 g snickerdoodle that contains 0.25 gram original flower.
    Snickerdoodle cookies are almost the same as sugar cookies plus cinnamon.

    On the other hand, I also make chocolate cookies that the weed makes taste funny.
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  8. Hm. I use cinnamon in my firecrackers. I've found the same. Also a combination of both peanut butter and nutella instead of just PB is a game changer.
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  9. This reminds me...the flavour of this was "ok" but not super disguised...but yeah, a caramel slice is a great thing to make with butter. There's butter in the base. There's butter in the filling. There *can be* butter and/or herb in the icing. Fucking leave you near comatose if you're not careful. If I could (and I probably could, these days), I'd modify the recipe to taste a little less weedy...because damn...the effect of these. Woooosh.
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  10. Never tied it, but I have read recipes for weed pesto sauce and always thought pesto is a strong enough flavor that it should kill or at least greatly subdue the taste of the weed.
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  11. Basil is good yeah...roast a few pine nuts and add a little roasted garlic to the mix, maybe some flatleaf parsley or other leafy herbs to taste if you want something different. Lot of strong flavours there.

    ***huh. This has legit given me an idea to make a pesto compound butter with my green butter...put it into thin slices and make garlic bread with it. Lol hey, feel free to try it if you get around to it before I do. Yum.
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  12. Thanks guys!
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  13. Yes please!
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  14. Water cure is simple. It changes the look of your buds and the weight will decrease a bit, but it has the same potency. The chlorophyll which is responsible for much of the taste will be gone.
    You submerge your buds in water- I do an ounce in a quart mason jar. Buds are best. You may have to weight them down with something to keep them submerged.Change the water every day for seven days. The first few days I change it twice. By the end of seven days the water should be clean. Then I put my buds in a colander and point a fan at it. It dries quickly. The taste will be much improved.
    Good luck! I hope it works for you.
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  15. Great thank you!
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