Need new things to do when stoned

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  1. All I've been doing after smoking is playing video games on the computer.. For the past 4 months. I need something new to do or something else to do on the computer when stoned
  2. -Buy a cheap strobe light and dance your heart out
    -Learn to do something you've always wanted to
    -Chill outside and enjoy nature (unless it's cold, then fuck that)
    -Watch stoner movies
    -Go paintballing if there's a field close
    -Do shit you've been putting off (You won't mind baked)
    -Get higher  :smoking:
  3. Go on an adventure. That's my favorite thing to do.. Like take a walk somewhere you've never been, or smoke while out among nature. Have a non smoker take you out for a ride (try and blend in without them knowing lol).

    Take a shower in the dark.

    Draw, write, or create something artsy.

    Sit alone on the floor and ponder life / meditate.

    Sniff/pet your dog.
  4. I needed new shit to do so I started building up vapes with coils I wrap myself so I can blow huge clouds and smoke tricks ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1397202616.978919.jpg
    Even if you don't smoke cigarettes you can get 0 nicotine in your juice. It's a pretty cheap hobby. That whole setup cost about 45 bucks and that's for a lifetime of coils and wick. And it's just 10 bucks for a battery. Just do some research and before you know it you'll be swept into a new hobby that everyone I know loves. There's thousands of different flavors and different builds and vapes out there. It's an endless amount of fun. When your bored fuck it throw on a new build and see how she vapes.

    RIP to one of the realest homies you could ask for
  5. Learn to program something...Anything.
    And then, Neo...You to, can join Us. :cool:
  6. get your shit together
  7. go on a walk or watch a documentary
  8. I HIGHly reccommend the "Planet Earth" series! Nature is fucking insane!

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  9. Netflix
    Elder scrolls series
    Fallout series
    Go out for a walk with pre rolls
    Go dig a hole
  10. omg Planet Earth, had some good times watching that shit lol

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  11. Digging holes is pretty productive..

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  12. All depends on what you put in the hole! ;)
  13. Quite productive if that's where you hide your monays

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  14. Here's a REALLY great 4 hour series from PBS on space and space time and physics. If you like science you must watch this. Even if your not, you will understand the universe after watching these 4, 1 hour videos. (PBS has all the best shit)

    Make sure your high


    Take a smoke break


    Take another smoke break


    Make sure your baked for this last one


    Don't forget to smoke more to contemplate what you just watched and how blown your mind is now!

    Hope someone enjoys this!

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  15. I'll be enjoying this later on tonight

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  16. Sick dude. I haven't watched them in a while. I need to re watch. Probably will do it Monday haha. Have fun. Let me know what you think.

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  17. You shoulden't stay stoned all the time.Spend your time at the gym,get result's.
  18. go play a sport , go out and chill .
    where you from though ?

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