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  1. Hey guys, just thought I would make a thread for anyone who wants to find new metal/hardcore to listen to. ATM the moment my top 5 bands are:

    August Burns Red
    Protest the Hero
    Heaven Shall Burn

    And here are some others to check out
    All That Remains
    The Acacia Strain
    The Bled
    Calico System
    Darkest Hour
    Remembering Never
    Shadows Fall
    Trivium (older stuff, their new CD is terrible)

    Some of these are death metal, mathcore etc etc, so please don't correct me on the sub or sub-sub genre of these bands please, and no flaming would be appreciated!

  2. The only 2 bands out of the list, that I'd personally remotely give a shit about are bloodsimple, and Hatebreed. I see Trivium as nothing more than a Metallica cover band. Mastodon is awesome, too, forgot about that one. Someone want to inform me what the fuck Mathcore is?
  3. Lately I've been listening to a lot of anarcho-crustcore (Skitsystem, Martyrdod, Wolfbrigade, Remains of the Day, Fall Of Efrafa, and From Ashes Rise), hardcore/post-hardcore (Saosin, Shai Hulud), post-rock/metal (Isis, Tool, The Angelic Process), orchestral music (Mussorgsky, Ralph Vaughan Williams), and raw hateful black metal (Deathspell Omega, Paysage D'hiver, S.V.E.S.T., Belketre - in fact, a boatload of french bands). Recurring ideological motifs are paganism, anarchy, and nationalism, oddly enough.
  4. between the buried and me.
  5. Check out Symphony X. I just saw them live last night and it was one of the most ridiculously awesome concerts I've ever seen.

    But judging from your list, check these guys out:
    Dark Tranquillity
    Dying Fetus
  6. Ill def second Bloodsimple (they rocked live)

    and mathcore is a sub-genre that uses complex time signatures, usually pretty intricate and complicated music, sometimes sounding very dissonant

    i think between the buried and me culd be considered

    Mudvayne has considered themselves Math metal
  7. jesus finally some good bands on these lists, Death and Suffocation my god how can you guys stand that metalcore Bullshit, why dont you listen to real old school death metal like Carcass, or Cannibal corpse, or some cryptopsy my god these lists make me sick
  8. I didnt see any death metal in that list


    The Faceless
    As Blood Runs Black

    just to start.

    BTW I ran into Jamey Jasta for any of you Hatebreed fans there... Im not really but he was cool
  9. The Human Abstract (AMAZING debut album, must buy for any metal fan)
    Protest the Hero
    Darkest Hour (New CD is excellent)
    Quo Vadis
    The Dillinger Escape Plan

    First off, it's NU-metal. Secondly, do not listen to it. It's all crap.

    Buy some Iron Maiden, Children of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir, Yngwie Malmsteen and Dio and throw away the hardcore junk.
  11. Killswitch Engage
    In Flames
    It Dies Today
    Lamb of God
    Five Finger Death Punch
    Norma Jean
    Silent Civilian
    Static X
    The Agony Scene
    The Black Dahlia Murder
    As i lay dying
    From Autumn to Ashes
    At the gates
    The haunted
    Watch them die
    Still Remains
    36 CrazyFists
    All that Remains
    3 inches of blood
    Haste the day

    There are some for you
  12. i cant stand that chugga chugga contemporary hardcore. When did that shit become hardcore? What ever happened to my goodies like Discharge, Void, Cro-Mags and others dammit.
  13. i think you would really ejoy some good hardcore like ON Broken Wings. they are good moshcore shitt.

    For more chuggy but brutal u may want to check devourment. far off from on broken wings but they are good brutal death metal. with hints of hardcorish breakdowns
  14. Check out Texas is on Fire and Lenore.

    Both Denver, CO bands, but both are sadly broken up. Lenore moved on to form Kemper, I havent really listened to them much.

    Lenore might be a bit harder to find, both their myspace and purevolume were taking down I think when they broke up.
  15. alright check it out, i listen to shitloads of this kinda stuff so ill point you in the right direction

    (really awesome bands have an exclamation point after them)


    job for a cowboy !
    the black dahlia murder
    cattle decapitation (never actually heard them but if your into squeeling vocals and shit than check em out)


    alove for enemies
    nodes of ranvier
    seventh star (their first album !)
    evergreen terrace
    the warriors !
    point of recognition !
    xdeathstarx !
    xdisciplex AD !
    symphony in peril !
    sleeping giant !!!!!

    HARDCORE (more straight up punk style hardcore)

    kids like us !
    no innocent victim !
    casey jones
    dodgin bullets

    CHECK EM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. OR you could politely list the bands you enjoy (like everyone else) and we can all expand our horizons without the shit-talking. People have different tastes in music, guys. Grow up.
  17. nice list, there are alot on here that suck weens, but KSE, in flames and as i lay dying, definatly 3 great bands to see live, i saw all three a few years back at the Vic in chicago, good times.
  18. The Human Abstract is good shit.

    Daath is is a band that they're friends with, From Exile.

    I like Maylene and the Sons of Disaster alot too. Kinda like Lynyrd Skynyrd+Pantera+Hardcore.

    That's all I got besides what's already here.

    Oh...Dark Tranquility is good.

    OK, that's it.
  19. I would have to say

    Dillenger Escape Plan
    Creation is crucifixion

    Those are the bands i dug most when I listened to that music.
  20. Band called "Reverse Order",gets airplay on Chico,Ca. radio station Z- Rock:metal::yay::metal::bongin:

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