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  1. I will spend around 130 on some new headphones. I currently have the bose over the ear headphones they where $130. I REALLY like my music to sound crisp and tight with nice deep bass. I was thinking about synthesizer or bose. I will not get dre beats though. Any suggestions
  2. The reason i need new ones is cuz my current pair is getting old and the cord is starting to rip. I wouldn't mind getting the same ones again. mine lasted through 3 years of heavy use and abuse.
  3. Check out some of Sony's (forget model)...they have GREAT balance in the sound.

    Also be sure to check out cnets reviews!
    Headphones - CNET Reviews
  4. Thanks I'll look on cnet
  5. Depends on what you are looking for in a set of cans.

    I have Grado SR125i's but they are an binaural meaning if you have a lot of outside noise you can hear it, but they are amazing head phones.

    For normal closed ear designs in your price range imo you cant beat Shure srh840's

    Here is a link to the shures

    [ame=] Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Earphones (Black): Electronics[/ame]
  6. I listen to my music at home mostly so outside noise isn't a big deal. I just want the best sound quality, good deep bass ( i'm a basshead), and preferably durable.
  7. Well the shures are nuetral, they are monitors an i use them with a digital mixing program, my grados are for music but they are more the at home head phone and not something you take with you IMO.

    I've listened to these but they were not my thing as i prefer the Grado sound.

    [ame=] Denon AH-D1100 Advanced Over-Ear Headphones (Black): Electronics[/ame]

    You might want to go to a high end shop with a headphone amp and headphones they will let you listen to.. only way to really find a good set of cans that fit you.

    Have you gone over to head fi?
  8. I have a pair of audio-technica AIR ATH-AD700 that I use for gaming/listening to music. By far the best sound I have ever heard out of a headphone, although they are open so you are not completely cut out from the world. I would look into the brand though, they make excellent quality products well worth the price!
  9. Thanks for the helps guys ill look into what you suggested. I just want to upgrade from my bose. Is sennheiser and shure better then then bose?
  10. im using the WESC bassoons right now. They costed me bout 130 but man r they worth it. You should look into WESC's. I havnt used many of the other ones but ive heard they r pretty good.
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    I'm a headphile for the most part and really love my cans and not to be a dick, but I've never heard of WESC

    Justyn, you can NEVER go bad witha pair of Sennheiser's they are kinda like "The expensive well known headphone company" Quality products with a general sound every body can enjoy.

    btw these are the grado's i own.. i love them but they are not for everybody.

    [ame=] Grado Prestige Series SR125i Headphones: Electronics[/ame]

    I love my Grado's in comparrison to any other cans I've listened to. But you will not, they are very bass neutral and allow music to be listened to the way it was intended to be heard (dubstep is just fine btw)

    Honestly going with these following brand typically will not net you anything bad.

    Audio Technica

    Those above are going to be the best makers of quality cans. Also remember to get the best quality from good headphones n little portable amp is always recommended.
  12. I think i'm just gonna go with some sennheisers
  13. would the rs160 or the hd558 be better?
  14. i would go with the hd558's! I've heard great things about them on head-fi
  15. HD558 by a huge margin IMO -Good set of cans indeed.
  16. I'm pretty set on the HD558's since I already have the klipse S4's for taking places.
  17. Grado has tight crisp sound. They're my favorite. For bass I'd say sennheiser or ultrasone. I can vouch for ultrasone. :smoke:
  18. I like crisp sound with a good amount of bass.

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