Need new bowl for Bong Please Help

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    Hey i purchased a mini hvy from aql about 2weeks ago, all in all im loving the bong but it has one downside its bowl it has a very tiny, so im looking to buy another bowl for it preferable much bigger that would fit more weed in it than the current one here is a picture, the pic is not very good sorry about that


    also on a side note somtimes i get bongwater in my mouth because of its small size is there anything i can do to prevent that?

    thanks in advance for your help i appreciate your time!

    EDIT: heres a link to the bong
  2. Just look for a sweet bowl at the shop nearest you. As for the water in the mouth just put a cube or two of ice in there. If you don't always like having to put ice in there find a suitable replacement something that's big enough to not fall through the ice pinch and something that's not too big that's going to cause flow problems. Also make sure that whatever you put down there isn't too hard so it won't break or chip the glass.
  3. maybe a ping pong ball?

    and i would prefer not going to headshop id rather get a really nice bowl online and just be dont with it, and im too lazy to drive 45 mins + to get there
  4. whats the price range? you can get some really heady glass that would look great on a mini but it costs a lot of money lol
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    Buying bowls online can be kinda sketchy because you can't tell the size in picture on the internet,
    I'd say hit up a local shop... that's probably you best choice

    As for the water thing, just try using less water
  6. my budget is 60-100 i want to get a really nice big bowl, less would be better but 60-100 is what im expecting to spend
  7. You could pick up a bigger bowl for the 30-40 range, thats from what ive experienced.

    A ping pong ball would work, it might also float up when you clear the tube. a foosball would definitely work. If you do the ping pong im interested in seeing what happens.
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    Use only enough water to cover the diffuser slots when held at the angle of usage. You have to know the size of your down-stem, usually 14 or 19 mm, yours looks like a 14mm but check to be sure. Many head shops, glass blowers, and online retailers sell many choices of bowls from 15$ and up.
  9. This type of down-stem is called a diffuser because of the holes at the bottom. This is supposed to give a smoother smoke than the straight stem with no holes.
  10. the blower backed out
  11. get a BW disc screen slide.

  12. I think they got a killer slide headed they way.

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