need names for my bong!!

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  1. my boyfriend got me a bong for my birthday and i need help with naming it, any ideas? i was thinking Trinity but hm i'm not sure? [​IMG]
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  2. Nothing personal, I figure this is a cultural thing, but why in the hell would you name a bong? I just don't get it.
  3. I named mine Lucille because its pink and hits like a mf :laughing: haven't named my smaller one yet though:confused_2:


  4. Because then you can say to your pals "wanna Hit Lucille" instead of wanna hit the bong lol
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  5. Duke the crippler
  6. Fucklestein. Yeah.
  7. bubbles
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  8. why not rasta ?
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  9. Mr. Bojangles
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  10. That would make a good name since the smaller bong is rasta colored :smoke:
  11. The Milk Maid
  12. Name it Mary
  13. Name it...... wait for it... "my glass piece" lol

    Grow journal
  14. Robinson
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  15. Ssalg.. get it. :bongin:
  16. Ssalg.. get it. :bongin:
  17. Ssalg.. get it. :bongin:
  18. it's black and white maybe felix like felix the cat maybe pun it into feelix the bong lol

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