need my seeds to sprout!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by memphis_fire, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. I'm tryin to get some seeds to sprout. I got em rapped up in a damp paper towel under a lava lamp bulb. You probable just said "what the hell" but I'm new to growin. Any pointers welcome. Stuck the damp towel in a zip lock to get this green house effect, or at least I think thats what it'll do. I don't know, i'm to high to think.
  2. From what I read you want a dark warm place to store them.
  3. I do three paper towels. One folded on the bottom, the second with the seeds inside in the middle, and a third one folded on top. I place them in a shallow tupperware container that I cover with plastic wrap. Then I set the container on a warm spot on my cable box. About 2 days and the seeds sprout. Works great. The only thing is you have to make sure that you don't get moisture dripping into your cable box. That's why I use the tupperware container :)

  4. Did you read this thread? --->

    The answers are all there. Although there are numerous techniques, this method just yielded me 5 of 5 sprouted. Moisture, not wetness, is key, as well as temperature. Try putting a heating mat or other heat source under them. 85f is about right.

    You don't want light on them just yet. Not until they've broken the surface of the medium they're in. Think about it. If the plant was growing outside, was pollenated and dropped it's seeds, where would they go. That's right, in the dirt where there's not much if any light.

    Keep in mind, you've got to be mother nature for your plant/s. This general philosophy will help you more than you can know.;)

    Also you'll probably want to get yourself at least one CFL bulb for when it/they do finally show their cotyledons. A lava lamp bulb, i'm afraid, won't do you much good.

    Really, just read the guide and you should be golden.:wave:

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