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Discussion in 'General' started by babiegirl, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Hey fellow smokers, i just got today in fedex my drug test but i cant open the bag its in since we are not allowed intill we go for the test , but i can feel it through the bag lol, ok maybe somebody can tell me or give me some sort of clue what type it is. it feels like one of those cup types this is for employment. im trying to stay clean been clean since wensday still have in till the 30th, but i might take a friends who smoked like 2 weeks ago but hasnt smoked more then a yr think i got this , by the time i go i will be clean for 12 days .Dam wish i could open the bag, it even has labels on it so changing the bag is out of question.thanks
  2. u shoulda bought 2 so you could just open one and see what type it is.
  3. no i didnt buy it LOL the job im going for sent it so i can bring it with me to the lab. oh i wish i would of bought 2 LOL but thanks. smoke one up for me:smoke:
  4. damn girl,,, your buggin so bad ...

    i bet when you was young you opened the corner of your presents,,, seen what it was,,, then resealed it as if it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,never got touched.....
  5. oh chicken you do no i wish i could smoke right now, and i have to lol. how did you know i was the peeper LOL. but really you know what it is if i bring my friends and this one is the temp one i wonder if the temp will be ok.I love you guys on here , i never had so much laughs when im down i know where to go and i know its here.
  6. look i been clean for about 60 days now,,,, proably more? i aint counting....

    it aint no thing,,,,, im on paper,,,, so i cant smoke right now,,,, thats why i stay away from the grow forums,,,,, just not to tempt you i'd not suggest you look at my gallery or you may backslide...

    and yes it has the temp. on the cup,,, they all do.... just quit.

    and when you can blaze again youll get high as hell,,,, trust me i visit the state once every 30 days,,,,, after one of these visits,, i smoked and got so high,,,, i felt uncomfortable...

    so the smoker i was,,,, is not the smoker i will become when im done with this paper...... dont look at the gallery,,,,, youll go to drooling and get all uptight.....
  7. <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=1 bgColor=#000000 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD><TABLE class=alt1 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle>[​IMG]</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> hahahahahahahahahahahahahah,,,, just fuckin with you,,,, that was some good weed
    I been good so far no smoking since the wensday the18th got intill the 30th. But i want to jump through the screen and throw some in a bowl. you crack me up LMAO.
  9. yeah i am proud of that picture,,,, my flag,,, my stuffed owl,,, and my plant all in one shot.......
  10. my question is,,,,,, did you peek in the gallery?????????
  11. No i didnt im tooo Scard LOL i might take a peek later though
  12. as for that piss test,,, just drink a lot of water,,, from now until you go,,, really flush yourself....

    i aint never heard of a company sending the test to your house,,,,, thats some crazy shit..???????????????????

    what kind of job are you applying to???? that does this,,,,

    and dont tell me your becoming a d.e.a. agent,,,, [ thats a joke]
  13. Hell no no DEA LOL , its for my transit job,fucking goverment isnt that some shit lol. i drink alot of cranberry i think im looking like one LMAO. thanks chicken you have been sooooo cool but i will check out those pics, once i get my ferrets in.
  14. I cheated every DT i've had.
  15. chicken why would you tell this person to drink water to pass a drug test? Actually the better question would be why would you even think drinking a lot of water for any time prior to a drug test would help in passing the test? Please please give me a logical answer...

    As for what you got in the mail, it is most likely a plastic sample cup with a tape thermometer on it wrapped in plastic with another one or two smaller plastic tubes inside the cup. Hopefully you have atleast somewhat entertained the suggestions I gave you in your thread before this one about diluting or substituting to pass the test.
  16. ^^^^^^^^^^^ well shes got 18 days,,, and drinking water dont hurt,,, maybe i should have linked ''ALPhA'S'' great thread on this subject,, i could have suggested a.z.o. ,,,,,,,, pills to cleanse the kindnrys 3 days prior to the test,,,, or some fat burning pills, or some creatine, e.t.c.

    but instead i told her to just stop smoking until after the test,,,,,, aint that the best way to pass one?


  17. I dont think shes got 18 days, judging by what babiegirl said she hasnt smoked since the 18th, and the test is on the 30th, so that would be a total of 12 days if Im correct.

    Drinking water definitly wont hurt, but its not going to help either. Neither will cranberry juice. All you would be doing is pushing fluids, and just because your peeing more fluid out doesnt mean your getting rid of the THC in your body everytime you pee. As for the AZO pills, its my opinion that it is a myth. I dont know too much on that method but I am yet to hear a testimonial that would be reliable enough for me to believe it worked. As for fat burning pills, combined with exercise it would be beneficial if the pills were really burning fat , but I dont think she has enough time for that to be effective. Creatine would be effective if she were trying to dilute her pee prior to the test because if she were to dilute it, the urine would be lacking creatinine, which they test for, and by loading up on creatine she would then be resupplying what was deprived in her urine before.

    I hate to come off as being rude or obtrusive, but for some people a failure of a drug test can have a significant effect on theyre future. I just urge people not to give advice that they cannot provide accurate information or otherwise dont even really know if it works. I know we are all pot friends here, and I am down for the unity no doubt, but please please dont provide inaccurate information to someone looking for advice on passing a drug test.:cool:
  18. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ well lets hear your suggestions???????????

    i mean you downing mine???????? whats your's????????

    quitting is the best way,,,, as i stated many posts prior.....

    whats your ''way'' of passing a d.t.???????????
  19. Are you unfamiliar with the way a forum on the internet works? There is a quote feature that allows you to direct your post towards someone elses, instead of using ^^^^^...

    babiegirl made a post about a week ago asking for advice on how to pass a drug test. I replied to her post with detailed instructions on passing using either the substitution method, or the dilution method. However judging by her statements in this post, it doesnt seem like she payed to much attention to it. But for her sake and yours, I will provide a link to that very post so that you can see my "way" of passing a drug test.

    Here is also a link to a post I made a few weeks ago when I was being tested for new employment, which was the genesis of my in-depth research into how drug tests are conducted and the best ways to pass them. I didnt update it with my final drug test for the job that I took, but I used the substitution method and it worked flawlessly. I start this thursday.
  20. Same. If your intelligent you will find a way to pass.

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