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  1. alright im shopping for lights im pretty sure i want a 1000w mh/hps. i dont really have much electrical experience, so anyway wondering about ballasts im liking the lumatek 1000w digital dimmable but its alittle expensive for me what are your opnions on:

    digital vs magnetic
    dimmable vs regular
    diy ballasts?

    would i save money in the long run on a digital ballast?

    im gonna work all summer to get my lights plus tent n fans
    thanks if ur readin this no one seems to respond sometimes

    -mj 510
  2. Digital is the way to go.

    If you're going to go Digital, only buy a Lumatek or Galaxy. That means you're getting a dimmable weather you like it or not. It's not a bad feature to have, but most won't use it.

    Save your money and buy the best you can the first time, that is what will save you money in the long run.

    Good luck with your grow!
  3. can someone explain what digital vs. magnetic is. im kinda a newb:p and just bought the first 400 W light i saw on the internet

    and what DIY ballast?
  4. from the little ive read digital ballasts are more efficient in their energy use, the lumatek says it saves energy and put out a few more lumens. Do It Yourself ballasts come with all the parts and you put them together

    btw ZILL thanks i will def take your advice
  5. go with lumatek 6,s. 2 of em. more points of light...and more lumens per watt.
  6. im trying to do it as cheaply as possible without cutting any corners is it still worth it to get 2 6's?
  7. two 6's will be more efficient. i know many prop 215 that space 6's would kill it with less heat. just fill her up so you dont waste lumens. it may cost a tad more to buy...but you will be thrilled with results.
  8. in like A 5 BY 5?
  9. at 5x5 you hit 48wpsf with 2 6's but most tents are 4'8" or 4'11" So you should be fine. 1000w isnt even enough for 5x5 ideally
  10. and once you have the cash you should get a magnum hood. biggest footprint out there im pretty sure.
  11. electronic balast run cooler and quieter, also i beleve they ignite the bulb differntly. electronic ballast are fine though if find they offer little difference in a properly set up grow room, most ballast will function well giving an end result of about the same lumens. be careful when buying ballast from china or asia as these are not always properly rated, they may claim UL or CSA approved but oftem all the components were individually approved and then assembled, the final product is not always safe for indoor use. dont purchase an outdoor ballast as they are sealed and dont radiate there heat as well. i advise agaist the HPS/MH ballast as they oftem burn out the Metal Halide prematurely, if you would like a swichable spectrum, you can purchase a convertion bulb. i find its best to purchase a light system rater than individually, you know everthing is rated right and in working order, though some lights will work mix matched it may also be more likely to cause problems.

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