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    option 1 will give me 4716 lumens per sq ft (1 250 watt hps)

    option 2 will give me 5488 lumens per sq ft ( 2 150w hps lights)

    option 3 will give me 4391 lumens per sq ft (16 23w watt cfls)

    my cab is 16 inces deep 52.5 inches wide

    im leaning toward using the 2 150w hps due to the 5488 lumens per sq ft and also better spread of light across my cab.

    also if i due the 2 150w hps can i use 1 300w digital ballast instead of 2 magnetic 150w ballast.

    i will be growing one plant via the scrog method

    i want to use the 2 150w hps bulbs but i want a digital ballast. can i use a 400w digital ballast? i doubt i can as there is 100watts not being used. im not familiar with the digital ballast and there design but maybe i can modify the ballast to output 300w. (capacitor change maybe) or a high voltage resistor circuit
  2. I don't really know about the ballast, but the only concern I would have is heat. With two 150w HPS in that size box, heat may become a problem. But I would lean toward the two 150's for better production. As long as you can vent it, go for it.
  3. i will be using a cool tube instead of the reflector shown. one like this except ill be building it.
  4. any one have any input about the ballast
  5. Oh yeah 2 separate mag ballasts, you do not wanna try and get the voltage to split to from a high watt coil.
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    not useing mag ballast
  7. definently want a digital ballast
  8. Not one of my digital ballasts survived longer then three years and i never saw any lower electric bills. Eventually i phased them all out. ive been through 4 600w future brights and three 600w lumatecs, 2 blue gen and one Purple gen.

    Any particular reason your set on digitals?
  9. i voted #2

    2 remoted 150w ballasts wont be very hot, so im not sure what the problem is with them

    and yeah, the 250 wont cover the rim of your plant in a 4.5' box anywhere near like the two 150s will. thats why i said option 2

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