need legal help with my job...

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. i went to go get my weekly schedual and see that i went from 36 hours a week (which is my request) to 8 hours per week. im part time but used to be a full time supervisor. i stepped down from sup to a part time technician because school is more important in my life right now. so i got my hours cut severely.

    illegal? should be.
  2. So what I got from this was you stepped down from a full time job, and now you're mad you don't have the full time hours? Part time is 5-20 hours a week.
  3. i was forced to step to part time so i didnt take a 4 dollar paycut... i stepped to part time so i could hold 30-35 hours vs. a full 40
  4. Most places anything over 30 is considered full time.

    Go in and say you want to be working 20-25 hours a week, they will probably give you more hours.
  5. Most hourly wage jobs don't even check that shit.
    What were your legal problems for, if I may ask?
  6. well since i was basicly cut at the knees.... my buddy and i were talking about it and legally they cant cut me below 10 hours without my consent, which i never gave...

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