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  1. So one day this spring break I was hanging out with one of my good friends who I'm trying to get with.... her and I go to our old high school and I say hi to one of my old teachers but didn't find the one I wanted to say hi too and she wanted to say hi to one of her teachers as well.

    Thing is, It wasn't just all that. Looking back it's even more stupid than it seemed at the present but she had it out for her old art teacher. Who would do things like come over and erase what she had drawn and blah blah blah. So "she" made little signs with libelous (that's slander in written form, fyi) shit on em. and Right in front of a goddamn camera no less, she has the fucking.... Ugh she hung one up on the wall in the hall.
    and I was with her. looking at her as she was doing this.

    I don't remember if I was giving her any tape or something but I mean I was definitely turned towards her while she was doing this.

    Fucking dumbest thing ever, but I was chilled out while on an increased dose of my medicine so I didn't really give too much of a fuck as I would have in theory. I seriously don't even know the fucking teacher! Sounding like a punk kid right now. Anyway, Will I be charged as an accessory to this? If the police question me, am I forced to comply and rat her out or can I hold my tongue; plead the fifth, ya know?
  2. i really dont understand what happened?

    she erased some kids artwork and wrote a word on it? then hung it up?
  3. I was a bit flustered so let me elaborate. I'm also trying not to incriminate myself I guess but that's just being a bit too paranoid.

    Um. So yeah she made a bunch of signs with libelous shit on them like Smith is a cunt. and smith's wart caused 9/11. Really stupid shit. It was childish and that was the point of it all too.

    Soooo they KNEW it was me and her. They know it was me because my dad works at the place and idk how they knew it was her.

    So will I get charged with being an accomplice?
    Whether or not I am charged with being an accomplice, would I be forced to testify against her or could I plead the fifth?
  4. Im pretty sure you wont be charged with anything... it dosent really seem that big of a deal i think. But who know with the law.

    honestly its really hard to say, but im sure if you did get in trouble. it would be dropped. maybe a fine? idk.
  5. They could easily snag her for libel and vandalism, especially since she's no longer a student there. They could even try for trespassing if you two didn't check in at the office or whatever your old school's procedure is.

    As for you, you'd definitely be seen as an accomplice if they decide to press the issue. As your dad works at the school, AND they have video.proof you'd be best off being honest instead of trying the whole "I plead the fifth" route. That only works when there's no video evidence
  6. I figured as such...thanks guys. They have video of me hanging some of it up as well.

    It's going to be under vandalism and trespassing.

    And my dad personally handed it over to the hands of the law.

    It'll be vandalism because "posting leaflets" is considered as such....

    man I fucked up so bad. I'm crying like a bitch. Stupidest thing I've ever done.
    My dad is most likely going to quit out of embarrassment and I don't want that for my family... :'(
  7. that's halarious. say you were intoxicated from your med increase and didnt know
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    didnt understand part of OPs post guess he manned up alrdy
  9. [quote name='"Slilent"']
    then man the fuck up confront your dad tell him what was up doesnt matter if the girl gets in trouble its your life man this can screw so much up please man up talk to your dad and the law and help give what ever info you can you might be lucky with a slap on the wrist if dont tho[/quote]

    What are you going on about?

    He has already "manned up" to his dad in the form of video evidence of him hanging some of this stuff up.

    It's not like him admitting it was his friend's idea is going to change anything. They're both equally culpable in the eyes of the law.

    Keep your head up OP. We all do stupid things from time to time.
  10. Thank you for your sympathy. This is by far the stupidest thing I've done in life. It wasn't even my crime to commit.
  11. [quote name='"simmer"']
    Thank you for your sympathy. This is by far the stupidest thing I've done in life. It wasn't even my crime to commit.[/quote]

    I got caught up in a similar situation. While out with friends one night, they decided to break into a utility shed at an elementary school with some bolt cutters to see what was inside. Just paint thinner.

    They get the bright idea to pour it out into the parking lot and I joined them like an idiot. Got caught 2 minutes later.

    So yeah, stupid mistake of my youth.
  12. did you get with the girl though
  13. this guy sounds so lame, no wonder you've been friend zoned by that girl. You follow her around like a lap dog and do what she wants and then you cry and regret it. Grow some balls and live your own life.

  14. Speak proper english.

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