Need legal advice! Caught in Utah with marijuana!

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  1. I was passing through Utah and I got pulled over for a traffic violation and the officer smelt the weed in the car searched the car and found it. They did not arrest my friends or me. We only had about 4-5 grams and a pipe. He wrote us citations. When I called about the ticket though the lady told me that they cannot move my court case to Cali. What do I do ? Or what can I do? I want to take care of this but I do not have the transportation, money, or time to make it all the way out there again. I don't want this affecting my future! Please help!
  2. Hire a lawyer to show up for you, it might cost a few hundred though
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  3. You're looking at a misdemeanor. Which for a first time offender is usually fines and probation. Or you might qualify for a diversion program offered to many first time offenders.

    Fines might be increased if the cop was a dick and cited you for paraphernalia as well.

    My advice would be to hire an attorney. is a great tool to find attorneys. You can post your situation on there and get replies by actual attorneys. They'll have the best advice on what you should do.

    Not gonna lie, this is more than gonna cost some money, even more so since you're in another state.

    Best of luck

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  4. Pay the fine then you dont have to show in court man.
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  5. yea sign the ticket admitting guilt and send them a check with it
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  6. Sounds good thanks guys!
  7. I wouldnt sign anything before getting legal advice (actual legal advice not from some people without any legal background on some forum like this since laws and penaltys can vary dramaticly from state to state).
    Realize that admitting guilt is limiting your options and if it turns out to be a bigger deal than you initially thought you screw yourself.
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  8. ^ This

    Go talk to a lawyer, not a bunch of us happy cannabis enthusiasts online.
  9. Why did you consent to the search in the first place?
  10. The best internet legal advice is do not get legal advice off the internet. Hire a lawyer, preferably one that is local to the jurisdiction of your court case. They will often have relationships built with the court that can be beneficial in getting reduced charges and/or lower sentencing.
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  11. I'm no expert on the legal system, but I'm not sure you can just pay the fine. You might've been able to do that if it was just an infraction, but this is a misdemeanor, possibly multiple misdemeanors.

    Contact a lawyer in Utah.

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  12. Smell is probable cause.
  13. Indeed it is...I missed where he said the officer smelled it.
  14. And the takeaway is? Don't smoke in your car and keep your stash in a smell proof container. And don't keep your stash in the glove box with your registration.
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  15. Just don't ever go back to Utah
  16. That's terrible advice actually. Don't do that
  17. I see the only way. Hire a lawyer. Look for here . He knows better what to do. But it will cost you a few hundreds of $.
  18. That's actually good advice. I lived there four years while attending BYU. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. ALL of the cops are assholes. There was this one cute one I hooked up with once but even he was a bit of an asshole.
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