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Need karma for friend.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. One of my best friends is in rehab.. 4 other friends and I had to take him in last tuesday because he has gotten past the point of being able to control his drug and alcohol use..

    He starts drinking first thing in the morning and taking either valium or oxys. Most of the time by noon, he can't hardly function..

    He has a sson that is almost 16, who has been seriously affected by the use.. Little man (the son) is staying with me and one of the other friends while his dad is in rehab..

    Send them some karma please..
  2. Man...sad to hear that....hope it all goes well...lots of karma from me
  3. ~~Karma~~

    Takes a lot of courage to do what you guys did BH. I'm proud of ya my friend.
  4. Good karma and luck to ya Bud!!
    Oxys suck!! With alcohol, too. Damn!! I hope he makes it out OK.
    My boys are the reason I try to keep my shit together.
  5. Sorry about your friend....hope everything gets better. Lots of Karma heading your way.
  6. i feel ya man.....i've had a lotta friends that went through shit like old homeboy use to get beatdowns ay'day from his meth addict for a father.....but fo sho i send goodluck.......
  7. For a friend in need, karma indeed.

    edit: ha, i made it so it rhymes
  8. umm.... can i have his pills? i'm sorry, i shouldn't joke. i wish him and his kid well. i like to think my friends would help me out if i were ever so addicted to anything.. but honestly i doubt if they would do anything like that.

    edit: post 1234.. ahhh that only happens once. hard to believe i've been here for a year now. awwwww group hug you guys.. lol been here a year and i hardly know anyone. :D
  9. To you and ya mates son [​IMG]

    Legal drugs ,lol. lf he was a smoker they would just put his ass in jail,lol.
  10. *karma* for your friend

    Anyway I've seen that happen to too many people. If only they'd stick to drugs that you can function on it wouldn't be a problem. I could smoke a joint for every one of his oxy's and I'd still be able to work and do what i need to.

  11. awe fuck, i missed that post. i caught 1221 though. oh well
  12. Thankss Blades..

    He is a smoker but likes the harder drugs as well..

    I've smoked with him alot over the years.. He just can't control his use of harder drugs.. I told him tuesday before we took him to rehab that I never have and never will do any drugs more than pot for the reason he was going to rehab..

    He went willingly because he knows we are right. But i have felt like shit ever since we done it.. I just knew before the end of this week he would be ODed though..

    He was mixing alcohol, oxy's and valium together like candy.. Hell he took two oxy's and 8 valium in an 2 hour period.. He had already drank a 12 pack of beer..

    I know he has a hard road ahead.. His son has an even harder road though..
  13. my thoughts are with him your a good friend

    this is sort of off the point but i heard high girly smoked a .25 gram blunt, drank 2 busch lights and passed out for 7 hours

  14. im not so sure about that, LOL! id be on the floor twitching....

    Karma`, for your bud and his son.

    oxycontin is bad stuff, its no good.

    and i agree, wat you did takes heart and courage, k+ for helpin your mate and taking in his son

  15. Hey Bud! I didn't have a chance to read the rest of the thread because I'm short on time but I am sending ~karma~ his way and even more ~karma~ for his son....he needs it just as much as his Dad. I love you, Bud are one of the best men I know and I respect you so much and admire you even more for the things you do for those around you. I know that if I ever needed you, you'd be there and I love you for that.

    You're a good man, Charlie Brown!!!!! :)
  16. The ass hole got out of the rehab yesterday and came by to get his son.. we weren't here so the wife called me to let me know.. I went by his house to talk to him and his son didn't want to go.. I left his son at my house..

    Well he is going to try and deal with this on his own.. I asked why he didn't do it for the last two months we have been trying to get him to slow down some. He said he just wasn't ready but he is now..

    I told him his son would be with me till he was sure he wanted to go home. He wasn't happy about it but finally agreed.

    Today I seen him at another friends house who is on some of the same stuff.

    I can only hope he takes my advice.. His son will not go home unless he kicks the hard stuff...

    I just don't know what else to do at this point but wait... It's a hard thing to do.
  17. i send lots of karma to your friend and his son i hope he sticks to it cuz he will really benefit from it a lot
  18. I hope everything works out for the best. Sending lots of Karma his way and the way of his son. I'm not much older than his son, I'm only 19, so I can see his view on things. Again God Bless....Hope everything goes well.

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