need jar to hold my bud

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  1. for the last couple weeks now i went from getting eights to now buying Q's-O's and need something to hold the smell. i had a empty coffee jar that didn't do the job and need something better. i was told about mason jars and didn't know if these jars where any good so will post the links and hope some of your guys advice will help me.


    1 Litre Original Preserve Jar: Kitchen & Home


    0.5 Litre Orginal Preserve Jar: Kitchen & Home


    Kitchen Craft Home Made Deluxe Glass Preserving Jar, 750ml (26oz): Kitchen & Home


    Kitchen Craft Home Made Deluxe Glass Preserving Jar, 1000ml (35oz): Kitchen & Home

    what one would be best to get to hold the smell in?
  2. Regular mason jar should do the trick homie
  3. i put my stuff in an old baby food jar. any thing glass that seals airtight should work good.
  4. I have a glass jar from Walmart for my personal stash. They call it a 10 oz Emma jar. 2 bucks and it keeps the air out and smell in.

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