Need Input On Best Og, Sour Strains

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  1. I know there are alot of seed banks I am currently growing Barney's 8ball kush and blue cheese from attitude. Both strains are growing great and I'm very happy with them but there is a demand for OG strains around me. I'm hoping people have some info on seeds they've picked upped like Girl Scout cookies and all the top shelf OGs. nd which seed carrier I should use. Thanks in advanced.
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    well you can't get GSC in seed form. At least not to my knowledge.
    OG- OG Kush, Purple OG#18 (something alone those lines, might not be the exact name), Tahoe OG  are all good
    Sour- Sour Diesel, New York Sour D, Sour Kush (headband)
    All of these you should be able to find through seedbanks.
    I know for a fact I've seen all of those on the Single Seed Centre.
  3. Yea I'm planing on getting a OG kush and a granddaddy purp. But I was hoping to see some of these crazy og's floating around like the Disneyland OG snowman OG but I guess ill have to try and get some clones. I'm relocating to colorado this month so maybe ill take the ride with them
  4. Any Bodhi or Gage Green OG crosses are pure fucking fire!!!!!
    Some of the best breeders out there in my opinion.
  5. I haven't grown any of these but I was looking for similar strains for my next grow and these sounded good -
    D.N.A Genetics - OG LA Affie, Sour Secret (Sour Diesel X LA Confidential)
    Emerald Triangle - Cherry OG, Lost Coast OG, Sour Lemon OG, Super Sour OG
    Royal Queen Seeds - Pre '98 Presidential OG
  6. Cali connection or Rez dog have the best Sour D's.
  7. OGs are my fav and from what ive heard do best here in Northern California. Last year I did 6 OG Larrys and they came out great and grew huge all about 6-8 footers all big and bushy. The year before I did a couple of OG Kush and those OMG did great, that year I got ripped off and they went straight for them probably because they had the huge colas. This year I am doing couple Tahoe OGs and 6 Skywalker OGs I heard good things on both, their looking good so far at least. I also have a Grand Daddy going ive always wanted to grow some Grand Daddy..Im kinda over the Sour D, it seems really popular just not for me I guess.
  8. I'm currently finishing a multistrain grow with RP Sour Kush..just chopped the main cola Friday..posted some pics..check out my link below if your interested in it..some of the best smelling Kush I've grown :)

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