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need input first pc build.

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by eric122, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Building this in the next month or so any input is nice. Will be a gaming/montage building/workstation.


    Coolermaster hyper 212 heatsink

    Asus p8 z77 v-lk mobo

    Seasonic 620w semi modular psu

    msi Gtx 660ti

    Seagate 1tb 7200rpm HDD

    crucial ballistic 1600hz 8gb memory

    Asus dvd drive

    Nzxt phantom atx mid tower.

    Coolermaster quickfire cmx-blue keyboard

    Windows 8

    Total price ~1200$
  2. No ssd? I would highly recommend getting a decent one

    Everything else looks pretty good except I like the nzxt switch 810(I think). Looks better IMO
    Don't like windows 8, would rather have windows 7. But again just personal preference

    GPU is good but look into the newer 7879 7850 etc. I have a old 6870 so I'm not really sure what is a good new GPU
  3. Drop the after market CPU cooler unless you're deadset on OC'ing and know what you're doing, and buy an i7.
  4. Do a bit of research on that case, I've read a lot of reviews about cases being cheap just make sure. The phantom looks nice though. The gtx 660 ti should be awesome! I have the 560 ti and it runs flawlessly! Good luck man. Maybe check out and build one on there! I got mine from there, it was $1100 but is fucking amazing. Runs faster than any of my friends alien ware or any of their computers at all.
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    No SSD on my current budget. May be able to squeeze one in or get one down the road.

    The switch does look awesome but budget issues once again.

    Win 7 won't get new direct x updates

    Gpu point is true I'm not partial to gpu chipset companies yet. I'll look into those.
  6. I plan on doin an oc not sure how high but within reason as long as its stable. The i7 is 100$ more and I won't really need hyperthreading for gaming. Though I'm sure it would be nice for video encoding.
  7. Baller name and avatar ! The main reason I want the case other than it looks sweet is the fan controller and grommets for cable management at that price (100$). The main complaint I've seen is the cheap cd bay cover which is sketchy but I doubt I'll ever use it. If u can recommend another ill take a look.
  8. definitely do not trade in the aftermarket cooler for an i7, you will need it either way. lol

    i say yes to all of that shit, all the way up to the DVD drive lol. looks like something id pick out.

    good build for sure.

    also SSD is not something i consider worth it. id rather have a terabyte....
  9. I mean I'd love an SSD for a boot/game drive but I just don't have the money for 1 at the moment 1200$ is my limit. Ill save n get like a 120gb one later. I'd also love an i7 but it's excessive for what I need and expensive.

  10. after experiencing the boot speeds of a ssd, i will never go back to hdd for boot drives...
  11. Im sure its nice, but when i can get a good TB for the price of a 120gb or so it makes no sense to me to get the SSD..... i can wait the extra 30 seconds :smoking:

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