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  1. Okay so i took my plants out the res today to check the root growth, and there was slime on the bottom of network pots. What's that mean?
  2. You need to either include pictures or be more informative. It could be numerous things devistating bad, or something as small as just water an nute build up from the air stone bubbling.
  3. Its hot to be from my airstone not that u said that. It wasn't a lot of slime but i did see alittle on my air stone. Thanks
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    Soup temp is too high....

    Inline pump/submersible pump?

    Frozen water bottles on rotation or get a water chiller
  5. hurry up and go buy h202 from local grow shop 29%. 3mlper gal everythree days for a week. Try researching enzyme products as well.
  6. If you think you have the root rot man try a flush with water and GH florashield fill 12-18 hours. Raise the solution level into the netpots when doing this. Then dump and run just water for another 36-48 hours before adding back nutes. Repeat if necessary. Surely some physan 20 or something similar probably works just as well.
  7. Then you need to figure out what the source of the problem is.... What kind of nutes/ additives are you using? Res temps with certain regimines can certainly raise your probability of issues.

  8. Sounds like root rot to me. You need to trim the roots sometimes in order to keep the roots growing properly.

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