need information reallllly fast!!

Discussion in 'General' started by UglyInfidel, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. OK well we have benadryl and we want to trip so i need some help. How m any should we take if it is our first time tripping? Is there any certain type of benadryl you need to trip off? lke i dont want to take the wrong ki nd and end up dying. they are pink pills... wel anyways how many should we take? i neeed some help real fast on this... thanks
  2. id recommend none, as tripping on cough medicine is dirty.

    BUUTTTTTTTT, you could try, click plants and .... something on the left, then go to pharmecuticals, and find benadryl or whatever its actually called, should have all the info you need.

    if my directions dont make sense, go to the site, and snoop around, youll find it.

    and if you dont find out, then DONT DO IT! blindly taking random drugs just so you can hopefully "trip" is not a smart idea.

    try to have fun! ive heard of some nutty shit going on to punks who dont know what they are doing...
  3. don't take it unless you know what (exactly) is in benadryl and what it will do to you

    personally i never heard of tripping on benedryl, i wouldn't take too much, it could hurt you or at the very least dehydrate you a lot
  4. damn robotrippers
  5. taking benadryl isn't robotripping..taking robitussin(or another cough med. w/ DXM in it) is now that we have that out of the way.....

    benadryl is an antihistamine (diphenhydramine) which is very similar to dramamine... only it makes your skin swell up in high doses, and the only "high" you'll get is a dizzy/lightheadedness and then a hard crash and sleep...basically you're wasting your time...

    the only thing I could unnderstand someone taking benadryl recreationally for would be if they were going to use opiates in combination with it, because diphenhydramine (and hydroxizine...which is in most sleep aids) lowers ones tolerance to opiates by preventing the body from reacting to the drug as quickly....but if you're just going to pop a handfull of benys then your askin for trouble... Hey! maybe if you're lucky your face will get red hot and swell up to the size of a melon!..YEAH! LETS DO IT!

  6. lmfao...

  7. dude dont do benadryl,ive seen people on it.Ive also asked them what it was like,theyve said it was answer your question tho it depends on how many miligrams each pill frend has taken 22-24 25 miligram me though,seeing people on it,you DONT want to do read there experiences nobobdy will recomend it
    and no the high is not just getting lighheaded.its hullicinating like FUCK you see people who arent there and are not sure whats real and whats not
  8. benadryl will make you beyond retarded, haha trust me i know man, and u know from me to! your speech is beyond slurred, you'll forget what your saying midsentence, you'll think people r there that arent and that your in places you arent (like 100% of the time i think i'm in school) and it gives you the balance of someone on pcp. enjoy haha. and stay awake next time.

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