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Discussion in 'General' started by mabedola, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. okay, so an (american) 'bio-chemist' just told me that marijuana is an opiate. wtf!!!

    please, i'm writing with limited resources (i'm an american writing from an internet cafe in china!) please, could someone please send me the chemical details of why i (don't think) this is true:

    a/ what is the chemical compound of cannibis
    b/ what is the chemical compound of opiates
    c/ (and some info as to what they don't share, what makes cannibis different from opiates)

    all i could say, was that there was no way... i mean, thc is not physically addictive... like opiates. but in fact, that sounded kinda silly. it's all i know.

    please, someone help.

    thank you, it would be very much appreciated.

    btw, if it helps to motivate you to answer such a silly question, we're both in the medical field. it's my belief that if we can educate others as to why marijuana is not the same as opiates, than we can help overcome the myth about why marijuana shouldn't be legal medically (nevermind the f@#*ing) fact that opiates are used regularly! please help me with the medical cause.

    yours with limited internet resources from china. please reply to shadowboxed at yahoo dotcom
  2. pots not an opiate k bye case solved... just tell him a pothead says otherewise... he will understand ;)...
  3. Just smack him and say "bitch what you smokin"
  4. lol... luke don't ever change your avatar.. i saw someone on the street the other day looking as stoned as that i kid you not.. he looked like shrek with that grin and was soooo stoned..

    and erowid is a good place to start.. another might be to search for the specifics that you're looking for in a search engine
  5. thanks all, i know it really does seem ridiculous even asking the question... but it's funny. you know it's harder to prove something that isn't, then something that is... or something like that.

    anyways, i think the key thing i forgot in that moment was that opiates come from poppys. so anyways, i wrote down the chemical constituents for her.

    ... and no we weren't in a bar ;)
    but it sure does smack of a bad bar conversation.


    (ps: i think that it's possible that marijuana is not smoked anywhere in this 6 million person chinese city i'm. interesting, eh? also, i think it's possible that people here may confuse marijuana for opiates, hence you can see why i got so annoyed when the 'chemist' got it wrong.)
  6. Looks like im gonna bail on plans for moving to China

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