need info on nutes please

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  1. hey its my first grow andi just recieved my seed today.. im starting ther germ process.. my question is

    will i need to add nutes during the veg process??

    also how often do i add nutes? every water or once a week??

    any input would be much appreciated
  2. soil grow or hydro, makes a lot of differance.??
  3. soil grow.. i plan 2 start using dollar store or wal mart seed starting soil in a 16oz party cup then a week or 2 after sprout i will transplant in FFOB
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    I wouldn't worry about nutes on the first grow. Just getting a harvestable amount off of your plant will be a struggle in and of itself let alone worrying about nuteburn and schedules and what not.

    NUTES!!! What To Use and How to use em! Growing Marijuana

    There's a helpful link if you wanna look into it tons more. Generally you want a 1-1-1 ratio during veg and a 1-3-1 ratio during flower.

  5. dude i really appreciate the info.. it helps alot.. i just wanna do it right...i hope i can get a good yield but im not counting on it.. i want to do it the right way so i can have some good XP
  6. If you wanna try using some nutes, try starting off with some organic nutes. I recommend Fox Farm Big Bloom. It can be used throughout the entire life of the plant.

    You will wanna start with like 1/4 of the recommended dose TOPS. Use it something like once to every 2 waterings. See how your plant reacts. Eventually you can up the dose progressively.

    Too much nutes WILL kill your plant. So if you try, be safe.

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