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  1. I am 18 years old and weigh 145 pounds. I am 5 foot 7. I smoked a spliff 3 days ago and have a test tomorrow that I found out about today. I have been drinking lots of water today and plan to do so all night. My test is tomorrow afternoon and I just got Herbal Clense QCarbo32. I will follow the directions 100%. Will I pass? I really need this job.
  2. you will probably pass or not it's really 50/50 with detoxes drink a bit of cranberry juice that should help a little dont drink to much water if your piss is to diluted they will just make you take another
  3. Is it a blood or a urine test? I smoked 3 hours before i had my urine test and i passed because i ate a lot of caffeine tablets/used the toilet as much as i could/and took a lot of vitamin B
    I felt really dizzy afterwards and i puked once but it was worth it because i passed :)
    Good luck!
  4. I passed. Thanks dudes, dudets.
  5. There is NO miracle way to pass a drug test. If you're a habitual smoker, just plan on about 90 days being detectable in your system... if a standard laboratory urinalysis is done on you. Yes, some people's metabolisms, fat content, etc will purge faster... but 90 days, is the average.

    If you're a once in a while smoker. 28 - 30 days. Again, there's some wiggle room... but those are the averages.

    A lot of places have adjusted the levels detectable, to miss the once in a while people. They've become more lax.

    Habitual, which most people that ask this question are... just plan on 3 months. I don't care what someone told you. You passed one before, drinking 3 gallons of tea. You drank cranberry juice, ran 20 laps, drank a gallon of water... no. You got lucky. Did they do a strip test on you? Did they check the temperature? Did they have you initial, sign, and seal your specimen (which means its going to a lab).
  6. Wether you "care" if it's been done before doesent matter, I know a shit ton of people who can constantly pass a drug text if they have a 7 day notice, myself being one if them... But okay, if you want to belive 90 days that's up to you
  7. Really? Your urine sample was sent out to a lab, tested for THC and you passed, as a habitual smoker, after only 7 days?


    You might have passed a strip test... you won't pass a lab test.

    And until you have a PhD in biochemistry, I don't really give a shit whether you "care" or not.
  8. I pissed I'm a cup for a test, the said they sent it off to a lab, week or two later I got a call saying I passed, I was clean for 7 days... And you might have a PhD in biochemistry but you might want to take some reading classes... Because nowhere in my post did I said I care

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  9. So you have no idea what happened to your sample after you gave it to them. You assume they sent it off to a lab.

    Speaking of comprehension (reading classes... lol)... you might want to read that "care" statement again and let it sink in.

    Done arguing with you.
  10. I said wether YOU care bud... But what ever

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  11. chill guys shit bicker in pm are yah 13 again, any way also some headshops have shit you can drink to clear yeah out. like ready clean

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