need info on boston headshops

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  1. So soon im going up to boston to maby get my first Gong prefferably a roor mini tree perc or a lux, well something along those lines and i just wanted to know

    Which headshop in boston do you think is the best, that has the best selection and the best price and whatnot

    sugar daddys
    hempest in boston
    hempest in cambrige
    buried tressures

    so which one do you all think is best??
    help me out
  2. hempest is VERY expensive, at least the one in boston
  3. unless its a total impossibility, try and get out of the city. i know it can be a bitch, but you will litterally save at least 50% on a lot of items.

    i nice large guaged G on G diffuser at the hempest is litterally going to cost you like eighty bucks (just as a random example.) to top it all off, its a bitch to get to and park, and the selection isnt even that good!

    the best part about the hempest is its worst feature; its location.

    Newbury street (where the boston hempest resides) is without a doubt one of the nicest streets/ areas in the country. the real estate there is out of this world. i cant imagine that they own the building/space (lets face it, they don't own the building. I went to school for a very long time to get the long winded and less than adequate version of the obvious truth; [LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION]) or that they pay anything less than a finger and a toe each month for their lease.

    you can spare yourself the metropolitan bliss and her ugly brother the pricetag if you head just a little north of the city.

    newburyport MA is about an hour train ride from north station (pretty damn close to the hempest) and they have hempshops there. the train will cost you maybe ten or fifteen bucks both ways (again welcome to MA. you pay out your ass. ladies drink free)]

    cheers bud i hope this helps glad to meet someone else whos from the area where i grew up and did some studying
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    may i also suggest shipping if its possible?

    you'd save a bootle so long as you arent shipping a MASSive tube or whatever

    GO Sox
  5. well i dont really think i i will head north of boston but i might head down to like opm in RI or sumthing like that but as far as bongs go does anyone here know if any of the headshops i mentiond have a good selection of GonG bongs
  6. INS summed it up. Sugar Daddies if you are looking for a bong, Hempest if you want a piece but expect to pay at both spots.
  7. ok thanks guys ,youve helped a shitload
    its greatly appreciated, Thanks for the info guys

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