Need ideas to get revenge on this girl.

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    Gimme some ideas, any are welcomed (except anything that has to do with poop)
  2. Take a shit on her door step and light it on fire.

  3. Ok sir, I'll try.
  4. poop in her hair
  5. first of all, what did she do?
  6. What's with all the poop pranks?
  7. shit in a brown paper bag, go up to her mailbox at night and just dump the shit in there
  8. Do people not realize how pathetic it is to ask for revenge ideas on the internet? Revenge on a girl at that. This is some Jr. high school bullshit right here.
  9. Do you really want to know?

    1. Piss in a jar
    2. Sneak into her house while she sleeps
    3. Pour it on her "area" and leave
    4. Shell wake up thinkig she wet herself
    5. Do this constanty for multiple nights
    6. Come over and knock on her door every day after you do it and go into her room and ask why shes been changing the sheets so mmuch
    7. She'll eventually have a mental breakdown and fall into depression and paranoia
    9. Profit
  10. OP you should consider deleting this thread and go watch some Chuck Norris movies and man the fuck up.

  11. Chuck Norris is a faggit

  12. Interesting...
  13. Chuck norris sucks mad cock, hes a loser, jokes of chuck norris are stupid, grow up other guy, but broly do my idea, i did it to someone, theyre mentally insane legally

  14. I like the way you think, I'll consider it.
  15. Private message me what this feminine female did?
  16. She insulted my grammar, on facebook. So now I have to get revenge on her.
  17. Well you should use proper grammar...
  18. Poop in her shoes.

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