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  1. Ok so tonight I am having a nice birthday party at my place for a friend. Well we got the weed and all but there is a problem. The people I am living with are way against marijuana. So I am staying in the garage. But I need ideas on fun shit to do while high and stuff. And I need tips on how to hide the smell and stuff. Thanks guys.
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    1. get a used paper towel cardboard roll. pack it with 20 scented dryer sheets. take a rip. blow smoke through the tube at a moderate speed. now it smells like flowers.

    2. get some blacklights and white boards (cheap from office max or something) with flourescent markers and have yourself a trippy write-a-thon in the dark with blacklights and bumpin music. that way your friend has an awesome board for a gift with everyone writing on it for his b day.

    3. make some of the herbal ice tea that has been posted on GC. hashmouth (spelling?) has a great recipe, especially since you will be in the garage.

    hope i helped! :bongin:

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