Need ideas for growing at most 7 plants indoors

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Embalmed Lenin, Jun 1, 2003.

  1. Can you guys post pics of your setups that would be ideal for up to 7 plants

    Thanks alot
  2. HIGH All, mine's 8x10 with a 1000W HPS and can handle 8 girls no problem. I do Bubble Buckets after I find out who's a female. At the moment I have 3 girls on Bud in the Bud room and the grow room has 3 Bubble Buckets and ten seeders in Sunshine Mix #4 on 18/6.
  3. unoit wat is the sunshine mixs ive looked at my local gardening store and they dont have any is it a homebrew blend of media?
  4. can you post a picture of your setup though
  5. Lenin ever been to hanami?

  6. whats/wheres that.
  7. This is the setup I have, but I reduced the size to hold 6 plants. It could always be modified to hold more plants at a later time too.
    i hope this link works for you
  8. You layout is very clear and looks simple enough to assemble.
    Thank you

    I'll be looking for whats next.
  9. im only familiar withe bubblerand areo hydro so what is that considered? is that an ebb and flow? does it ned to have the water turned off and on or is it constant?
  10. I would have to think this setup would have to be considered an ebb and flow system. Mine is run on a timer, when the pump starts it fills the "pots", filled with rockwool cubes, until the water reaches the overflow height, then it cycles water through the entire system until the timer shuts off. I made mine with a cooler on the botom, and I also put an aerator rock with a pump into my water to give the roots more O2. I'll have pics as soon as I can get myself a digital camera
  11. cool setup

    so you build that thing?
    pretty impressive
  12. It actually was a pretty easy setup to make and put together. I was alot easier than the cobble job systems I've tried to create before I found this one.

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