Need ideas for a project.

Discussion in 'General' started by whereami, May 23, 2011.

  1. Hey GC, recently I've been pretty damn bored. I can't afford a car yet, so no cruising for me. I still live with my parents, no chance of moving out yet, so I can't grow.

    But yeah, I need some ideas for a project that would keep me busy. Preferably something productive and physical, I'm sick of revision for exam. I'd like to build something, I have no idea what though.

    If you've got any suggestions for things to build or any other projects to keep me occupied it'd be appreciated, cheers.
  2. You got a backyard? How about a shed?

    Or a tree fort :cool:

  3. In what way? Do you mean creating music or just listening to it. If you mean creating music I'm pretty terrible at that, it doesn't really interest me. I'm more a physical, hands on person.
  4. So u can't grow weed but what about other plants, it's almost summer so it's a good time to start!
  5. Yeah! Grow mushrooms! Perhaps the special kind that I can't say here? :D

  6. That's quite a good idea actually, thanks for that. I might think about converting a chest of draws into a small grow area, then grow 'tomato plants'. It could work now I think about it if I had a carbon filter etc, if not I shall grow other plants, thanks for the idea!
  7. build outdoor/indoor furniture out of old wooden pallets. If you make em nice enough, you could probably make some money from them..

  8. Good idea, thanks. I think I'll practice a bit and then make a small grow area that looks like a chest of drawers.

    Cheers guys.
  9. Buy a cheap/shitty car and fix it up
  10. Build a trebuchet.. you will be very happy with the results if successful. That or bike jumps? I dunno man what do you like to do haha just build shit? If so then make a tree fort or something then you could start a grow near it and have the excuse your going to read in the fort or something I dont know :p Trebuchets are fun though.. building them is the best part :D
  11. Build a very extravagant smoking device.
  12. Put in a vegetable garden for your parents. There is nothing like a fresh salad that is a whole 15 minutes out of the garden! (And the way food prices are going, it's a good idea to grow your own!)
  13. Loving these ideas guys, thanks. I think I'll convert a set of drawers so I can grow (see my other thread), start a small vegetable/herb garden and build an extravagant smoking device ;) I would buy a car and fix it up but I literally have no money at the moment.
  14. Guerilla grow. High yields, lots of fun.

  15. I'm pretty tempted to try that but there's no secluded area's around my house that I could get to with ease, that's the only problem. I would do it in the backyard but yeah, stealth yet again :)
  16. push bike dude. Its nice to get out. I have a spot that is about 25km away from my house and i push bike to get there. well i have only been there once to sort out a spot. but once it is spring time ill be going there more.

    Guerilla growing is pretty fun dude. try it. Also indoor is good aswell. but if i had to chose, i would say outdoors is best.
  17. Music, outdoor grow and fitness, imagine running with a 10l/20l jerry can through woods, going to water your crop it feels so good, you get bud + you get fit haha, but start of small, like ankle weights and wrist weights,
  18. Get baked and fly a kite. I did that at work today and it was awesome lol.

    Edit: also build your own kite.
  19. yay you motivated me to start a garden

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