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  1. Currently have a 4x4 DR120 from Secret Jardin but i am stuck when it comes to a hydroponics system to use. I am a beginner at this would love some input from someone with previous experience
  2. Not familiar with the DR120 from Secret Jardin, but a bubble bucket is the simplest to start with. You should Read, and do some research and look at what is going to be best for your situation. I hope this helps
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  3. Ive actually been stuck between DWC and ebb and Flow systems. I do not have a lot of space so i dont want to do more then 5 plants to give each more then enough space to fill out.
  4. hey up:check out the grow room design/setup here at grasscity ;the Diy section maybe it will help make up your mind by reading other people's designs i went dwc myself ,made a sweet rig setup,i hope this helps in your quest for excellence
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  5. Bubble buckets are fun, dwc but the problem is your tent, I have the same one and once I stick my 1000w cool tube hps the water gets so damn hot that the roots rot and stuff, I was always chasing problems, I switched to coco and soilless still using the same nutes and ph and have had no problems, the soil less promix is far easier, feed every second watering, no calmag problems because of the coco, I really have ran into no issues (including seed starting) since switching from dwc to soilless mediums back in pots

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