Need helpp with first grow ever!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by getzlifted, May 24, 2010.

  1. OK so i just received my doctors rec for mmj and now its time to grow legally! i already had started germinating and planted last week and now i have one plant in my backyard growing in the garden and 4 seedlings on my window sill all in one pot they are about 3 inches high right now and very healthy looking

    What i need to know is can i keep all 4 plants in the same pot or should i transfer right away and would it even be worth it to grow on a windowsill? what i planned on doing was moving the plant around my house so it got the most sun it could but i would really appreciate any help!
  2. definitely transplant each seedling into there own cup or pot.
    you dont want them to get tangled up, because that could ruin your grow.
    And not to mention if you got females and males tangled up together, not the business.

    Also if you can put them in a concealed spot outside, thatd be better than the window. youll notice much more rapid growth outside, and the kewl thing when there that small, is there easily concealable, u can put them on high spots like your roof or on top of a shed, and no one will really know what it is.

  3. He's legal so no need for concealment.
  4. im legal also... doesnt mean that some ass wont swoop on your harvest while your catching zzz's lol =P i dont worry about the cops, i worry about civilians haha.
  5. thank you for the quick responses. yes i am legal so no worries about concealment and i'll have to take a look at the transplant sticky.
    about how far into its life should i be able to tell male from females? i know i have to look for the nodes? and it would mean its male right?

    kushbreath- i just saw your post thank you! i didnt even think about some punks swooping up my lovelies

  6. You'll know a couple weeks after the plants are put into flowering. You're looking for white pistils, information on this is everywhere on these forums, throw out all your males, which will have balls.
  7. i'm not exactly sure how long because it depends on the conditions, strain, and things of that nature, but you will be able to tell when they flower, youll see either pollen sacks (little football lookin sacks) or youll see pistils.

    yeah man, i live in an active area, so im constantly watching out for people and always looking for better ways to conceal my babys

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