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Need help..!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cyberganza, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Hi guys... I'm a newbie at this forum, but even if not registered, i've been here as a visitor for quite a while now :)
    Yesterday I went out with a couple of my friends and we decided we wanted to get high (my second time ever!). We made 2 joints and there was no effect.. Maybe we bought it from the wrong guy at the wrong place, but there was just no effects at all.
    Later on, we asked another guy if he could bring us "X" ammount of join for that "Y" money. 30 minutes later he came with nothing more than Hashish... We gathered around and cut it in little pieces so we could mix it with tobbaco and smoke it.
    We smoked it and, in my personal experience, was fking awesome.. Whenever I inhaled it I felt dizzy for like 3 seconds and then the feeling went away. All nigh long I felt really weird... :
    - My ear sounded like it was going to explode/melt because I heard most sounds through that ear the whole night;
    - My taste was FKING AWESOME. We went to a local bakery and ate a local misture of bread+chocolate+(vanilla+honey).. It was so warm.. I think it was the best thing I ever hate, really.
    - My perception was FKED UP
    - My skin sensibility was also pretty much awesome
    - I was developing projects outloud... There was even once when I was going home alone and was asking myself "Why would this be illegal? This could bring much benefits to science if they were all high"

    BUT MY QUESTION IS: Is it normal to still have fked up skin sensibility and perception after 24h?
  2. I did not read that :smoke:
  3. TL;DR Version: Is it normal to still have fked up skin sensibility and perception after 24h? (smoked hashish)
  4. uhhh, was the substance you were smoking white and chalky...did it cost 5 a rock?
  5. It was chalky but dark/brown... And yes, it costed 5 (euros tho. ~7US)
  6. I think Snowman was referring to an "unmentionable."

    OP, I think you just got really high :). A lot of those long-lasting side effects are mind over other words, you just think you're feeling prolonged effects.

    Hash can be really strong. Just take it a little slower and enjoy :smoke:

    EDIT: Oh yeah, welcome to the City :wave:

  7. Come again?

  8. I'm guessing he means "sensation."

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