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need help !

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Creature420, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. So not to long ago, i was at this little kickback with a few close friends and i had brought some money with me too throw down for the bud we were getting. I put a dub down and so did everyone else, but i still had about $60 left. The following morning i woke up and took a shower and was getting ready to leave and I checked my pockets to find out that all my money was gone.. I didn't want to say anything about my money so i just got my stuff and left. Also in my bag i had 2.5gs and that was also gone. so what should i do? should i confront them? or should i just let it go and just not chill with those people again? Fill free to share some of your stories too,
  2. wow that is sketch. if you confront them, you are most likely just going to get a bunch of people acting dumb about it like they dont know anything. If you do find out who took it, they will most likely not admit it and just avoid you.

    I think you are best off just telling them all that one of them stole your money and bud and that you dont plan on hanging out with any of them again unless it shows up. All you can do now is be more careful next time :/

    I always keep my valuables in a safe place when I know I am going to get messed up haha

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