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Need help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tiptoe4, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Hey guys im new here and i need some help.
    i still live at home and i just need some pointers as i bought an 8th of weedd and it smells so strong, any idea on how to stop the smell?
    Plus i need to know some ways to not smell super strong when i do smoke it. lemme no if u no

  2. Never smoke a joint or a blunt is the first step. They reek. unless you are outside and your parents are asleep/ gone, and after that use eyedrops and eat some breath mints.

    Use a traditional pipe/spoon, go into your closet and use a sploof (toilet paper tube with fresh dryer sheets shoved into it) and exhale your smoke through it.

    Keep your paraphernalia in your closet or something so that it isnt always eeking out of your room into the house. or dont smoke if your parents dont approve.
  3. For storage, mason jars contain the smell perfectly. For smoking, towel under door, window open febreeze,, sploof and get food before you smoke.
  4. Put it in a mason Jar.
    Don't smoke in the house.
    Mints, toothpaste, cologne
  5. Just put it out of sight and stop being paranoid.
  6. what should i use rolling paper or a pipe and is an 8th enough? and thanks for the answers guys

  7. read my first post buddy, rolling paper would be the worst option aslong as ur rents arent home,,, also taking a J to the face would be a unwise idea if you arent used to the ganja (idk if you are or not)

    but if you got a pipe that would be the best option,,,, and yes an 8th is like 20 times more than you need lol. unless you are like king kong or something. you definitely wont smoke it all in one night.
  8. Alright thanks alot man ill get a pipe and a mason jar

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