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  1. ok, this is the situation, i read several beginner guides 2 growing but they dont answer several questions, 1st of all, i have very little money 2 spend on growing period, but i have a bag of seeds, like idk 30+ i can get soil and all that ofcourse, but cant afford lights, but i need 2 grow indoors, i live in FL so its warm and theres lots of sunshine, so i was thinking of growing it in my backroom the ceiling is like 10 ft high and 15-20 ft wide it have alot of windows with several shades i can pull over 2 make it dark or shady or sunny if i wished and a moderately powerful ceiling fan, now remembering my budget is incredibly tiny, what would you guys suggest? i was thinking of planting my seeds in some pots by the window and i was gonna keep the fan on all the time, for sunlight through a window how many hrs of sunlight/shade would the plant need? and what other things would i need from what ive told you, im an absolute beginner at this so the more details the better, lol, i appreciate your help on this guys, i know its a little long of a read, i ramble, but im short on money and i wanna smoke, idc if they are reggies atm, low grade weed is better then no weed :smoking:
  2. ok an important tool many miss is a pH tester. You can get the ones for fish tanks at walmart for around $6. Any water you give to your plants should be tested and adjusted before watering them. You want a neutral pH (between 5.5 & 6.5). DO NOT GET MIRACLE GROW. Because of the fertilizers in miracle grow its made to last up to 18 months. And its definitely not going to take 18 months to harvest so it'd be pretty hard to flush. So make sure you pick out a good soil, maybe from a garden store or hydro store if you can.
    As for the lighting situation, the best light is the sunlight. Indoor growers strive to replicate that light, so if you can use it, I would! During the plants vegetative cycle its needs 18 hrs of light and 6 hrs of dark. Some ppl leave their lights on 24hrs during veg, you dont have to (and cant if you're using the sun) but if they get more than 18hrs of light, thats ok too. Just try to keep the cycle constant, less stress and less chance for hermaphrodites that way. Now during the flowering cycle its really important to be able to dark out your room completely, no light leaks. They will need 12hrs of darkness to signal them to flower. If you have 10ft high ceilings, keep in mind that a plant will double in size during flowering. So if you're growing in pots on the floor, could have some decent tress in there :D

    Hope this helps you out some, there is much more to learn though. Its kinda trial and error, you learn as you grow lol. I know growers that have done this for 15+ yrs and they still say they learn something with every harvest. Good luck to you friend!
  3. Sounds like you really need to get a good plan together. Design your grow room on paper and plan everything out. Then you'll have a better idea of what kind of lights you might need, if any. Exhaust, and lighting placement will also be addressed.

    Get a good pln together and everything will fall into place. Whether or not you have money, growing is going to cost you. Nutes and equipment, lights (if any) fans and filters, and all sorts of other things that you realize you'll need when you need them.

    Plan it out, do some research on what it is you want to buy and need, then save the money.

    You can find a lot of cheap stuff on CraigsList.
  4. thx guys i appreciate the advice, if anyone has anything else 2 add go for it, the more the better :smoking:

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