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  1. Well after work today I decided to go to my local gym like always, except this time when i was on my 7th rep on bench press, my shoulder like gave out, not a full dislocation but it seem the just popped out and when My spotter got the bar off the popped back in with extreme pain in both shoulders. I was wondering what in the hell happened. I didn't go to the doctor which was probably stupid on my part. Anyone have any shoulder experience? I did dislocated my right shoulder my junior year palying football and my left one the next, please help :(
  2. Some guys (especially older guys) do strictly dumbbell bench to save their shoulders. There are a lot of people hurting themselves on barbell. It has to do with the fixed position of your arms during the entire range of motion. I feel 'not-good' pain in my shoulders when I use barbell so I use DB's. I like them better anyway.

    You should read this: - The Big, Bad, Bench Press! - Progressive Sporting Systems

    It might be a matter of adjusting your technique
  3. yes its known that bench pressing is bad for your shoulders..take a week off and see how it feels if not any better get it checked out and switch to dumbell benching in the future much better for your shoulders

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