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  1. I'm 18 and a junior in high school, I started school late. Anyway for all the time I've been in school I've never fallen for a girl. Everytime I have I would just bury all feelings in weed and school work, but this time there's this girl and there's something about her that makes me want to go for her, I've been burying for a few weeks, but I still feel those feelings. Usually they'd be gone, but they always come back to haunt me. I don't even know her, we talked once but it was very brief. Why I never dated before, well I just didn't want to, its not like I wasn't allowed I just didn't want to after seeing friends after it all comes down, like why try if it all just comes crashing down? some say its worth it, it probably is but I don't know what to do, what should I do? keep burying until it all goes away (no matter how hard it is and believe me its so fucking hard, when I'm high its all amplified and I hurt more) or actually try this time, even though this would be the first girl I would actually try to go for in my life. HELP!!
  2. Well c'mon, bro.

    You're never gonna be happy if you keep hiding from everything and sticking your head in the sand.

    You gotta take risks.

    You gotta live.

    Give this girl a shot, it might lead nowhere, it might lead somewhere great.
    Its got to be better than feeling like shit, right?
  3. I think the nike motto applies here

    JUST DO IT!!

    You have nothing to lose by getting to know her, see what happens dude, i mean shit come on
  4. You guys are right! but where to I start, I mean everyones so far in the experience of these things. I can talk, I'm not shy, but I have no idea where to start, like going to point B without knowing where point A is.

  5. dude dont worry about man, im 18 and all you gotta do is just talk ( so your set! and shave your pubes haha) and make her laugh.. guys talk about spitting game, but i say screw that just be yourself and itll "just happen" your instincts will kick in... if it gets intimate your body will tell you what to do
  6. Dude, listening to your story kinda depressed me (I'm blazed) lol. What you need to do is take the saran wrap off your nuts and USE EM (no disrespect). Don't be scared of rejection, we all have to experience it every now and then. See if you can start a conversation with this chick again. I think it'd be awesome for you. What do you have to lose anyway?

  7. Alright! I think its time I should try to go after someone, but the only problem is I can't find her! I try to look for her, but she's no where. Course how would I approach someone I don't know? have no idea what to do. But since I know she smokes I'll just roll a joint and smoke it with her, except what do I do? just say hey lets smoke this joint or something? need advice.

  8. well if she smokes your in...just start a normal convo w/ her in the hall (non-creepo) get to know her a lil before you just ask if she wants to smoke that kinda screams desprate..then motorboat her tits or somethin...
  9. Hard to find her since my school is like an outside school, there are seperate buildings and you have to walk up and down hills, very easy to smoke and skip without getting caught. But when I try to find her, and have no idea where to find her, I have no information on her, except she smokes and drinks and some hallucinogens. So how would I start a conversation with a complete stranger without seemingly creepy?
  10. Well like next time you see her, say something like,

    ''Hey, sorry but, do my eyes look red to you?''

    'No, not really, why?'

    ''I just went for a smoke, but i dont want it to show, you know?''

    *Insert smile/laugh here*

    'You smoke weed?'

    ''Yeah a little here and there, you do too? Im suprised.''

    'Why're you suprised?'

    ''You don't seem the type. Fancy coming with me for a smoke at (Insert appropriate breaktime/place here).''

    Course it won't go exactly like that, but im sure you can have a conversation without reading from a script.
  11. Thats gole! Magic Man! Now all I need to do is roll a joint, find this girls, and smoke it with her, and maybe start something with her. Maybe that feeling will go away, but turn into other feelings, who knows, the mind is a strange place where we all can play around in. I will try this time for a girl, the first in my life! Wow I'm probably like the only one with a crazy ass story like this. Any more advice you can pass on me anyone?
  12. Lets think real for a minute.. the whole "do it" thing might be a good thing and might work out perfect, but you do gotta worry about losing a friendship because i remember how it was at your age and some girls were just like that.

    So what you should do before just going for it is to see if she is interested in you as you are in her.

    Does she laugh at some stuff you say that isnt funny?
    Smile a lot around you?
    Talk to you a lot?

    Just some ideas.. But from my experience this is the best way to do it. Make sure she's into you before you make the plunge. Life isn't always the fairytale people want it to be.
  13. Tonyizzle, the thing about what you said is that I do not know her, she is a complete mystery. The only time I talked with her was when we were telling people why weed is not bad and people were ripping on me because I smoked weed and never met again.
  14. One is wolf Excuseable:


    But two???:


    FUCKING DO IT! You have too cause theres two courage wolves. Also theres the fact we all know you can do it :D
  15. I better find her quick, because the pain is going away meaning my feelings aren't as strong and that I could just forget about her like everyone else, or go after her and take a chance, I think I'll actually try this time, and when I find a joint then I'll find her and plan to get so high! The journey to find her starts now!
  16. Tell us how it goes man :smoke:

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