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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ZeRo, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Ok so a few weeks ago, I threw a seed into a pot my mom has out in the backyard.. lol anyway i forgot all about and and today i noticed about an 8 inch plant growing. So basically i need to know if i can do anything with it or will it just be shitty weed or what??

    Thanks :smoking:
  2. If it was good weed, and you grow it right you could get some good weed out of it.
  3. Naw it was just reggie but i mean like when will it bud or what.. i never fucked with growing
  4. Stickys are your friend:hello: good luck
  5. haha. by your reaction it doesnt seem like you are quite ready to grow. if you plan on growing outdoors your going to have to hide a 6 ft plant from your mom til mid september to mid october. read up and see if your up for the challenge. i spent months reading before i started this summer and i still feel lost. if nothing else plant it around where no one will find it and come back in fall. or plant it in a friend/ asshole's garden and see their surprise to find a maryjane plant growing. (just dont get caught) :D
  6. Im not as worried about my mom as i would be the law they really dont fuck with people trying to grow weed. lol. thanks guys its in a really smally pot so ill probably need to replant it here pretty soon?
  7. most def the minimum size pot you could get by with is a 5 gall bucket or grow bag which are cheap. the bigger the better. if you could putting them directly in the ground would be optimum but it takes away from mobility and you need a good location. grab some bigger pots and take some pics. there are so many good gc people out there that have your back just ask. good luck bro

    btw be careful when transplanting. those roots are most likely throughout that whole pot depending on the size. ripping the roots could mean a week set back due to shock or even death

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