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  1. Lets say someone planted seeds directly in the ground,3 seeds per hole and all of them made it to the surface that meaning they where to close together whats the best method to transplant them????:confused:
  2. Let´s not.
  3. If you don`t want to help me it`s ok i understand.What i don`t understand is why you wright thing like that, is it so that other people wont help me either?If someone knows a good method please reply thank in advance.
  4. the thing is...... you cant. your going to have to kill 2.

    unlesssss, are they still small seedlings, then you could risk gently lifting up the plant because when they are sporuts they only have the main tap root. its possible, just risky
  5. my advs, that if your goung to try and transplant use ^^^^ fourtys method, but do it now while its still just a tap root, and also if you kill them then its less loss because theyr only a few days old
  6. I`l give it a try.I Did not think its that much of a problem but now i understand, let`s hope it will be ok.Thanks for the input.

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