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  1. im a beginner grower ive boughts seeds and all the nutrients as i bort a dvd which showed me wah to by :) buh i havent got enuf muni to buy a proper growlux 400 watt grow light so i went out n pinched a 500 watt linear halogen flood light will this work as good or should i save n buy the proper light ??
  2. no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. Halogen is HORRIBLY BAD.

    Read this first :

    then this

    then this

    Basic Rules from my experience :

    - Don't add any nutriments to the soil when planting the seedling.
    Only add nutriments a few weeks later.. when you're read enough to know what to do.

    - Don't plant more than one seed per pot

    - Dont use any other lighting type other than : HPS, HM, CFL, Fluorescent

    You'll need daylight/cool white type of color for the CFL/Fluorescent

    - keep the light bulb 1-3 inches away from the plants.

    - Don't water the plant unless the soil is as dry as dust on the top 1 in
    ch of soil.

    Follow that at the beginning and you'll be fine until you get to read more.
  3. id save my money for a spell checker first

    then use the search :rolleyes:
  4. so where is the best place to buy cfl lights ? ive found a website which sells just the light n plug for 30 pound or should i buy 1 wiv a reflector? or do u kno n e other websites which arer particulary good for the cash strapped like me :(
  5. Halogen lamps are no use for growing.
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    You'll need minimum power 23watt per CFL (that's 100watt equivalence for incandescent). Buy at least 3 CFL for 1 plant + 1 CFL for every other plant. AT LEAST.

    They'll need to be Cool White / Daylight color, nothing else.

    Do not buy the "grow light" CFL, that's not good for weed.

    CFL lights are EXTREMELY common. They are replacing incandescent bulbs (not there's more CFL than incandescent)

    Home Depot
    Whatever sells bulbs will sell CFL

    even Dollar Stores carry CFL.

    You're better off going to Home Depot so you can easily find "Daylight" or "Cool White" colors.

    While you're at it, you can buy some "Soft White" for LATER when your plant is flowering in a month.
  7. so if i bought a self ballast 125w cfl system wiv reflector ir would b a waste of muni? where can i ger the lights ur on about from ? n wah price do they normally cost ?
  8. If you're going to be a newbie about this and ask tons of questions, you should REALLY REALLY REALLY read the replies.

  9. im rather simple :L a web adress would b okay :)

    god damn your grocery store would carry some.
  11. i ger u now u mean a litebulb i fort u had to buy speacial lights an all stuff to grow cheers so ill need atleast 3 bulbs for 1 plant and n e other plants i will need to provide more bulb :D top man
  12. just make sure on the box of the light bulb is says something like : Daylight or Cool White

    and that it's no lower than 23watt (they'll often write in very big 100 watt to say it's the same as a 100 watt normal light bulb, but it's not 100 watt, so be careful, the real wattage is written in very small)
  13. how should i go about the fittings?
  14. what fittings?
  15. well i carn jus buy lightbulbs coz i carn plug them into n e thing ? what is wrong wiv a 125 cfl grow light ?
  16. also will warm white bulbs work ?
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    They fit in normal sockets,dont bother with the grow light

    I already answered to that

  18. thankyoo :) ive bort 3 desk lamps which cost 3 pound each n a pack of 4 bulbs which ar 27 watt equivalent to 100 watt incandescent so i think uv helped me big time n saaved me lots of cash :D
  19. Stealing is very bad karma, not the way to grow MJ and not the way to set the stage for getting help from folks like us.

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