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  1. Just got a new tent its a 4x2 and my buddy that used to grow gave me his two grow lights that he had. They both are KingLED lights. the one he gave me says 1000w though not 2000. The second one is the same but says 600w on the back of it. I just ordered some beans from Crop king, I just want to know our these lights good?, will they get the job done and give me good results? He himself told me he had good results with them but he admitted to being a novice as well so he couldn't tell me for sure. (he only did 2 grows)I'm planning to grow 3 plants in 5 Gallon pots. He also gave me all his nutes that he used before. Fox farm trio, the open sesame, beastie bloomz & cha ching. Also raw sweetener, Cal mag, silica blast all from botanicare. The terpinator as well. Does anyone have any experience with these? He gave me a ph pen and told me to ph everything from 6-7 aim for 6.5.
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    Blurple is old school these days, King is still at it tho with the latest now 40000w for $200. that should tell you something?, you can grow with these but weather you like the results is up to you
    lights cost money the more money the more light (I just scored the Migrow8 so won't be spending on anytrhing big for the rest of the year lol)

    good luck
  3. My friend has the 3000w kingled, it pulls 511w from the wall, this is the important part, you need to find out how much it pulls and then treat it like a single ended hps.
    I treat the 3000(511wfrom the wall)led like a 600w hps, covers a 3ft x 4ft canopy
    At 18" above the canopy.
    400w, covers 2.5 x 3ft wide canopy at 12"
    This is just based on my limited Experience with kingled but I hope I helps.
    The results are really good but a new led will use less power, could be 30% more effective.

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