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  1. I need help with my plants I have 3 that were started at the same time and one that was started a few weeks later originally was going to do a outdoor grow but pulled inside but the three plants that are the same age have yellowish spots on the ends of the leaves at first I thought it was because of the light being too close but now I'm unsure please help

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  2. Im no pro, but they look really sad and streched. As for the yellowing on tips, not sure mine did some of that at early stages, but was fine and greened up.
  3. Ok that was one of the things I read after the 3 older plants had started growing after the initial tea leaves sprouted there was 4 plants when I started 3 were together and 1 was by herself but I split up the 3 to their own pot sadly my brothers dog unintinaily pulled one out of its pot and it died, but do I need to bring the light closer or push it further away I had them outside for a little bit but weve had constant rain for the past 2 weeks so their inside but do you think I'm over reacting and theyll be fine I'm really only worried about the 3 older ones the 1 new sproutling is looking fine and she sprouted up with a stalk thicker than the others even have now so I feel like she'll be just fine shes also a known strand from a dispensary named oreoz and creme.
  4. Also the 2 plants at the back of the pictures leaves at the bottom of the plant had turned yellowish brown basically dead had curled under so I pulled them off so they wouldn't drain on the plant from the other leaves since those were dead
  5. I believe that the light is too far away, they are stretching for it. Also, do you have a fan going on them? Those stems look pretty thin.
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  6. Just noticed today my youngest seedling that oreoz and creme had fainted so I moved her to a different pot I think the soil had bugs and worms in it idk I need help lol
  7. I do have a fan blowing on them but I'll lower the light some
  8. I think you need new or better soil. Without any perlite wet soil gets real thick. And weed sorta like light fluffy type soil for the roots to breathe. Do a search up top and you can get lots of info on soil grows.
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  9. Was also going to suggest better soil. I just had an issue with a plant started in cheap soil with very little to no perlite and it just held all the water and became waterlogged, choking and stunting the plant. Got some foxfarm ocean forest and some dynomyco, replanted and a week later the plant was healthy as can be and growing as it should. I definitely suggest bringing the light closer to them as well so the dont stretch as much.

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  10. Plants get fed from above with light and below with soil. It looks like both are lacking. But these plants are tougher than people think. They could still recover if you provide more light and better soil. Oh, and when you transplant to new soil, make sure to bury those stems.
  11. How far do I need to bury them
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    I agree with most of what's listed above your smothering your roots. Watering too much for plant to pot size as well. lights never should have to rest on top of plants for it to be adequate. The only lights I recommend being a couple inches away are quality florescent { eye hortilux power veg ) uv uvb full spectrum pushing the correct nanometers. Ones vegging under florescent ones vegging under 200 watts ( Roi-e720 ) the others vegging outside notice the stretching from the ones growing outside. That's only ideal if using the sun all others must be treated differently. That's more so of what your soil should look like. 20 to 30 % perlite. Even my closet veg under 165 watts ( sunraise 1000 ) of bs blurple don't stretch that much

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  13. The stem should stick out of the soil about an inch. You’ll just have to be really careful when you transplant. I always start my plants in a solo cup. It makes it a lot easier to transplant and when you have a smaller space your little baby doesn’t have to work as hard. I’ve had transplanting mishaps where I ended up with a handful of soil. I just planted it and it always does fine. Also, I recommend fabric pots. Here is some info about them. This is an ad for smart pots, but there are cheaper options that do the same things.

    The Benefits of Gardening with Fabric Pots | Fabric Pot Benefits | Smart Pots Blog
  14. I got some new poiting soil from walmart and a grow bulb so we'll see how it does
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    You're not growing indoor potted plants wasting money on grow bulbs from walmart, do some research on what it takes to grow and flower cannabis. Cannabis grows outdoors not indoors, in order to grow indoors you try and mimic the sun's power. Not possible but using quality lightning is as close as you can get at this current level of horticulture technology.

    Also I wouldn't get my soil from Walmart all I've seen them carry is peat moss as the main ingredients. You want something that lists aged forest material as the first ingredient or composted forest humus. A nursery or hydroponics store is where'd you wanna go

    To get an idea of how much power you need multiply your growing space and divide that by lights wattage I would want like 50 watts a sqft from a growing bulb but I would imagine the heat would be hard to control. You want at least 30 watts a sqft from a high end diodes. ( Samsung ) 3x3=9 300 watts ÷ 9 = 33 watts a sqft

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