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  1. so I’m putting my plants into flower and I’m just simply curious, I have two lights 600watts a piece, 300watt veg and 300 watts bloom for both lights. When going into flower should I turn on just the bloom and have a total of 600 watts of red or turn on veg and bloom and have a total 1200 watts blue and red?
  2. Both lights on during flower.
    I've used a Platinum p-600 that had separate veg and bloom switches.
    Its instructions said to turn the bloom light on during late veg, and leave the veg light on.
  3. mix them its perfectly fine . rule of thumb flower with as much light as you can this is where every watt counts .
    so use the veg and flower light together .
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  4. Thank you this is what I was looking for!
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