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  1. seedling day 10 1 has some leaf yellowing so advice would be great I haven’t given nutes yet I have general hydroponics flora micro grow bloom unsulphured mallases and calmag

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  2. What is your medium?
  3. Just got a bit of sand up top cus had a few fungus gnats flyin around so I put the sand so they won’t lay eggs
  4. Been watering with right ph my water tested yellow
  5. Maybe calmag next water which would be day 11 or 12?
  6. ProMix is a soilless medium. It's inert, which means it contains no nutes. You need to start feeding.
  7. How much should I give it in a gallon of ph water? Also I watered yesterday.
  8. I would start at 1/4 strength and increase as needed. I hope you meant that you pH the solution after the nutes are added.
    Here are two feeding charts for the GH Flora Series.
    Drain to Waste.jpg CFC-Nutes-82018WEB.jpg
  9. I would follow the manufacturer's recommendations except at maybe 1/4 strength at this stage.

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  10. Yeah I no the nutes effect ph. So it says for micro 1.25 ml for seedling first 6 days so I’m on day 10 since it popped out of the medium so should I follow that at quarter strength and that would be close to 0.4 ml right? And one more thing should I feed now or wait until next water? And should I add Calimagic? Thanks a lot bud I really appreciate it.
  11. or I mean 0.3ml sorry lol
  12. and how much unsulphured mallases to give the promix?

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