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  1. So I've had some issues with my grow, issues with when and how much to water. I'm not feeding nutes when I water. I'm running RO water PH at 6.5. My soil I'm using is Kelloggs organic +.

    I used a semi reliable water/ph meter on my soil and it said my soil ph is at a 7.8-8.0

    I think I have a calcium or magnesium deficiency along with abit of over watering from time to time and my soil ph seems high.

    On my next watering I'm going to take the run off and test ph/ppm.

    Any help would mean a freaking tun.

    Also I've been dealing with fungal gnats and I'm using neem oil to try and combat them.

    20190703_053324.jpg 20190703_094739.jpg 20190703_094814.jpg 20190703_094805.jpg 20190703_094920.jpg 20190703_094823.jpg 20190703_094933.jpg 20190702_053632.jpg 20190703_095015.jpg 20190703_095001.jpg
  2. They don’t look extremely deficient to me. Maybe could use some Cal Mag or Nitrogen, but that’s about it. —But if they stopped their growth completely you’ll want to look more in to the pH in your feed/soil
    Also just looks like some minor bug bites, but if your already using neem they should start clearing out soon.
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    What about the twist at the tips of some of the leafs?

    Ur saying I'm probably just over reacting than?

    Cause she's still growing
  4. Ah that’s nothing. Just an early sign of deficiency but like I said if it’s still growing but just losing color, it’s more then likely not a pH thing. Those twist ties are okay too. If you LST right —your girls won’t even notice
  5. Yeah I think they have had a pretty stressful life lol
  6. I really want to know what these dark spots are.

    20190704_043811.jpg 20190704_043618.jpg 20190704_043607.jpg 20190704_043614.jpg 20190704_043618.jpg 20190704_043631.jpg
    20190704_043811.jpg 20190704_043811.jpg 20190704_043618.jpg 20190704_043607.jpg 20190704_043614.jpg
  7. I think it might be fungal gnats damage, should I prune/chop the leaf?
  8. I really think its fungas nat damage but I dont see any flying around at all and I've applied DE and neem spray and the damage looks like it is progressively getting g worse, contemplating pruning all the leafes with damage
  9. 20190705_010618.jpg 20190705_010719.jpg 20190705_010650.jpg 20190705_010819.jpg 20190705_010742.jpg 20190705_010834.jpg This black shit is spreading everywhere I'm cutting everything off with a spec of black shit, getting fungicide asap.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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